Special activities in Colombia: Whale Watching in Colombia

Special activities in Colombia: Whale Watching in Colombia

Whale watching in Colombia is one of the most special activities you can do. If you haven’t tried it, we encourage you to do it. Those who have witnessed this wonderful spectacle will understand that feeling of smallness and fragility that comes from watching giant humpback whales leave the water at times, bump their fins against the surface. These marine mammals can reach up to 16m in length and inhabit all the world’s oceans, migrating from latitude to another to find certain climatic conditions.

During the polar summer, you can see them in these areas with the objective of generates enough reserves for the subsequent months. The tropical and subtropical countries of South America received visits from hundreds of humpback whales in June and November.

But these whales aren’t just looking for food, they have another goal which is to mate and give birth in the warm waters of this area of ​​the Pacific. So, those who perform the sighting are lucky to witness the imposing courtship of males or the intermingling interaction between mother and child. Do you want to admire these lovely creatures? If so, take a look at this post and take advantage of a few days of your holidays in Colombia. Enjoy this natural spectacle: Whale Watching in Colombia.

Whale Watching in Colombia

Bahía Solano and Nuquí

Located in the department of Chocó, these small municipalities are a great destination for ecological tourism and adventure. The atmosphere is calm, its people are friendly, and the gastronomy is the delicious and healthy.

In addition to whale watching and water activities such as scuba diving, swimming, or snorkeling, these beaches are surrounded by lush vegetation where you can also go for walks and bird watching. On these two locations you can find cozy hostels with all the services and, better yet, with a strong socio-environmental conscience.

Gorgona Island

Whale Watching in Colombia

The Gorgona National Natural Park is one of the best places for nature lovers. This territory and its surroundings are made up of two of the most diverse ecosystems of the tropical coast: coral reefs and rainforest tropical. Thanks to this, Gorgona Island is home to more than 15 species of endemic fauna. Furthermore, the island serves as home to migratory animals such as whales, turtles and numerous seabirds.

Thanks to the research and conservation work carried out in the Park, the tourism to the Island is controlled and has a high cost. However, if you visit it during the time of whale watching, you will enjoy an unrepeatable experience. There is a good tourist infrastructure, which offers different eco-tourism activities.

If you decide to visit one of these locations to enjoy Whale Watching in Colombia, please don’t forget to follow the instructions and take good care of the environment. Don’t forget that human footprint has an impact, both on the environmental aspect and in the Dynamics of these amazing animals.

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