5 reasons to visit Caño Cristales: Enjoy a Journey in Sierra de la Macarena

5 reasons to visit Caño Cristales: Enjoy a Journey in Sierra de la Macarena

Undoubtedly, the Amazon is home to stunning natural areas that surpass the imagination of many. One of those beautiful areas is the Rio de Los Cinco Colores. Rio de Los Cinco Colores boasts a fabulous location only 30 minutes flight from Villavicencio, in the renowned Sierra de la Macarena. Undoubtedly, Caño Cristales is the main attraction of the area and on this post, we will show you why.

Reasons to visit Caño Cristales

For its unique colours

And by “unique” we aren’t only saying a nice word. What makes Caño Cristales a unique wonder in the world is that the endemic algae that bloom in its waters. These endemic and special algae give different colours to the river. Its colours range from red, yellow, green, blue and black. This show of bright colours can be seen between in June and December; since the first half of the year, the plants are in the breeding season.

Its wells, pools and waterfalls

Caño Cristales tours include visits to many areas of the river where geological formations generate interesting attractions for nature lovers. The Waterfall the Quartz or the stairs are it most famous stops, where waterfalls refresh the fatigued walkers. In addition, this area has a large number of natural swimming pools and wells. All these areas are perfect for exploring the bottom of the river with simple snorkel equipment. Do you want to learn more about the algae that colour the river? If so, don’t forget your fins and goggles and discover the river bottom. Of course, do not expect to see fish in these waters.  In this river, the water has been taken by plants and minerals that coexist harmoniously. If you are a water lover, don’t miss the chance to visit Caño Cristales.

The biodiversity of its surroundings

The Amazon is inhabited by hundreds of impressive animals that prowl along the banks of the river and the Serrania de la Macarena. What makes this ecosystem unique in the world, is that the Andean, Amazonian and Orinoquía regions meet, giving rise to a habitat where you can find anteaters, various types of felines (such as Jaguar and pumas), more than 500 Species of birds and thousands of insects and reptiles. So if you have the patience and passion of bird watching, you can devote a whole day to this activity.

Adventure tourism options

Besides being a destination for nature lovers, Caño Cristales also presents itself as a challenge for tourists who enjoy sport and adventure. Visiting Rio de Los Cinco Colores involves doing a great physical and mental effort, as you have to walk for few hours through hot and humid trails to reach its main attractions. On the other hand, those who organise a multi-day visit to Sierra de la Macarena can do rafting or kayaking on the Guayabero River, where the waters of Caño Cristales flow.

Its mysteries

Like all areas of difficult access, but which has housed ancestral villages for hundreds of years, the Sierra de la Macarena and Caño Cristales keep their mysteries that, on this occasion, are related to the Guayaberos. This small indigenous community still lives in these lands and its oldest members have left traces of their existence through petroglyphs and cave paintings on large rocks of the river. In addition, there is the legend of the attractive “Three Mirrors”, which relates that on full moon nights, the tribes took their offerings and delivered them to the River right in front of three rectangular and almost smooth rocks. Then the taita touched the water and the reflection of the moon projected on the stones showing the future of the members of the tribe. Certainly, this area is really special, once you there you will understand why.

How to get to Caño Cristales?

If you want to visit Caño Cristales, check out this information. Firstly, you must reach Villavicencio, the capital of Meta, and from there take a small plane to La Macarena. You can either do it by booking a tourist package or on your own. However, once you get there, it’s mandatory to hire a guide once you are at the Natural Park. Once in the village, you will find a large array of accommodation, restaurants and pubs.

Here are our reasons why everyone should visit Caño Cristales. Are you planning to spend your holidays in Colombia? If so, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful area of Colombia.

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