The Ultimate Guide To Typical Food In Colombia: 5 Typical Dishes

The Ultimate Guide To Typical Food In Colombia: 5 Typical Dishes

Certainly, food is the most representative cultural manifestation of a country and the food of Colombia is not an exception. Colombian gastronomy is varied with diversified colours, flavours, and aromas. With all these characteristics, the typical food in Colombia is not only tasty but also an artwork for those who appreciate delicious food.

In Colombia the food is abundant and the main ingredient is meat, prepared in a different way, sometimes followed by rice, sometimes with black beans and almost always with potatoes. Despite this, across the country, you will find different ways of cooking and preparation, all of them delicious and perfect to enjoy unsurpassed feasts. Check out this post with 5 typical food in Colombia.

Typical food in Colombia: 5 typical dishes.

Bandeja Paisa

The Bandeja Paisa is the most typical dish in the region of Antioqueña. The word “Bandeja” is the Spanish word for “Plate” and “Paisa” stands for the inhabitants from northwestern Colombia. So Bandeja Paisa in English would be something like “The Peoples Plate”. The typical Bandeja Paisa is composed of chorizo, steak, eggs, French fries, black beans, chicharron, rice, salad, soup and limes. Sometimes the dish also includes small arepa and avocado.

Arroz con coco

“Arroz con coco” is also known as “titoté” is a delicious dish from the Colombian Caribbean Coast. This dish must be prepared with fresh coconut milk, but in the United Kingdom, is not easy to find this ingredient, so you can prepare it with canned coconut milked. The rest of ingredients are easy to find, you just need rice, salt, water, sugar and prunes. Arroz con coco is mostly served with fresh fry fish.


The Ajiaco Snatafereño is a very typical food in Colombia. Primarily, this recipe is typical in the Andean region of the country. Ajiaco is a soup that carries a large variety of potatoes, chicken and some vegetables that complement the flavour. Ajiaco is also traditionally accompanied with cob and avocado. This dish is typical in Bogota and is prepared, mostly, during special occasions like Charismas or New Year’s Eve.


The sancocho is one of the most representatives’ soups in Colombia. It’s very popular and the star on the famous “Colombian Pot walks” (a promenade along the river); Sancocho is also a basic dish of any restaurant in Colombia. In most houses, the Sancocho is served with Creole chicken, because it is said that an abundant dish is a sign of respect toward the guests.

Plátano Maduro Relleno

Plantain is part of Colombian gastronomy. If you observe other typical dishes you will see that plantains are served in most of them either in the soup or in the form of “patacones”. The ripe plantain is eaten in fried chops or cooked in the oven, accompanied with cheese and sweet guava.

Bonus: Arepa.

You cannot make a list of typical food in Colombia and ignore the arepa. The main ingredient of Arepa is maize and, in some regions, feature different varieties of maize, for example: in Antioquia is prepared with white corn and in Santander, Arepas are always prepared with yellow corn. Arepas is a versatile product in Colombian kitchen, so don’t be surprised if you find hundreds of different types of arepa.

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