Places to Visit In Cartagena

Places to Visit In Cartagena

Cartagena de Indias, has quickly become Colombia’s most beloved tourist destination. The city offers a rich history, a fun and eventful nightlife, amazing restaurants and much more. Whether you are an independent traveler, a couple or a family, Cartagena has a little something for everyone. Here is a list of some of our favorite activities and sites to see:

1. El Centro Amurallado: The heart of the historic district of Cartagena, these old walls once protected the city from ravenous pirates and bone-shaking tropical storms.  Today, one can still witness beautiful colonial churches, convents and plazas. The most popular plazas are El Centro and Getsemani.

2. Playa Blanca: If you love the beach, strolling on soft white sands and taking a dip in turquiose Caribbean waters, then Playa Blanca is your spot. The stunning beach is a picture definition of the beloved Caribbean beaches. Along with its soft sands, the area has a number of great places to rent a hammock, grab a drink or eat some food.

3. Las Bovedas: A very unique historic place, Las Bovedas once acted as the city’s dungeons in the old fortress. Today, they are home to art galleries and souvenir shops.

4. Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas: The enormous fortress that hovers over the city, this impressive building took over 150 years to complete in its entirety. Construction began in 1639. Today, visitors can still roam through its halls, battlements and under ground passages.

5. Rosario Islands: Located just an hour away from the walls of Cartagena, these stunning archipelagos will blow your mind away. Here you can enjoy pristine beaches and crystal clear waters.

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