Pablo Escobar tour in Medellin: Discover “The Narcotour”.

Pablo Escobar tour in Medellin: Discover “The Narcotour”.

More than 20 years after the death of the famous leader of the Medellin cartel, his estate projects, the house where he died and even his grave has become a frequented attraction. Pablo Escobar has become a superstar thanks to many flicks on the net. This personage awakes either rejection or fascination to all those who learn more about his life. Thanks to the unstoppable proliferation of books, series, articles about its origins, its murders, its empire and its death, Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria generates an incredible attraction.

Medellín, its hometown and the very origin of its cartel, has become a select tourist spot thanks to the late rediscovery of the figure of the drug lord. In fact, among other proposals, the Pablo Escobar Tour is offered without hesitation, a trip in which the most representative sites are visited to know “the true history of the biggest drug lord in the world“. Are you a fan of this personage? If so, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the Pablo Escobar tour in Medellin. Check it out.

Pablo Escobar tour in Medellin

Mansion Monaco

In 1988, Pablo Escobar was already the richest drug lord in the world. All he ever wanted was to give a fabulous residence to his kids and wife. So, he commissioned the construction of a luxurious property in the neighbourhood of San María de Los Ángeles, a few meters from the Country Club of Medellin. The house is impressive, with numerous rooms, fabulous pools, terraces and a parking lot for more than 30 cars. The residents of the neighbourhood tried to avoid his arrival but never succeeded. They always pointed out to the Escobar family that they were not welcome. Today, the beautiful house is abandoned.

Edificio Dallas: Hotel Viaggio

Dallas Building was located on Avenida El Poblado, on the famous Golden Mile, home to the most exclusive business centres. The building was under construction when it was dynamited. Mr Escobar wanted to make of the Dallas the epicentre of his business, the drug trafficking headquarters, but a bomb finish with his dreams. Nowadays the building is the property of the hotel chain Viaggio. The hotel Viaggio has been completely finished and transforms it into a beautiful charming hotel, perfect for unforgettable holidays in Medellin.

Hacienda Naples


Another interesting place you must visit during Pablo Escobar tour is Hacienda Naples. In addition to the residence, the room where it housed its collection of cars and numerous swimming pools, Hacienda Naples had a simulation of a Jurassic Park, a coliseum and a private zoo that came to collect 200 different species, among them, giraffes, hippos, elephants, zebras and ostriches.

Away from Medellin, located in Puerto Triunfo, its majesty and ostentation symbolized the success of the cartel commanded by Escobar. It’s said that it was used as one of the favourite sites for the summits of its leaders and that in their halls they tortured and even killed clan enemies. The farm, valued at 63 million dollars, was confiscated by the Colombian State and today is a tourist attraction open to the public.

Pablo Escobar Neighborhood

“Welcome to Pablo Escobar’s neighbourhood, a place where you breathe in and with peace!” Says the entrance mural to the neighbourhood, which is actually called “Medellín sin Tugurios”, but which adopted the name of the drug trafficker because of the devotion of its inhabitants, grateful for the possibility to access the home he gave them.

It’s a neighbourhood with no schools, no football fields, with only basic services covered. Its leaders believe that the government’s disengagement is due, in large part, to not accepting the official name.

The house where he died and his tomb

Daniel Di Palm

When he became the most wanted man in the world, he was confined in a small house until he was discovered. On December 2, 1993, he died at the hands of the “Search Block”, the force created by the government. The most famous drug lord in history collapsed after a shootout while trying to escape the police siege. From that moment, the beautiful house, although without the luxuries of other times, became an unavoidable appointment for international tourism in each visit to Medellín.

The end of Pablo Escobar tour in Medellin couldn’t be other than his tomb. Pablo Escobar rests in peace in the Montesacro Gardens Cemetery in Medellín. Every year hundreds of people gather to this very place to pay tribute to the most famous drug lord in the world.

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