Top 6 Gay Friendly destinations for visiting and be proud

Top 6 Gay Friendly destinations for visiting and be proud

Each day, there are more and more cities, and countries, recognise the equality of same-sex couples. Aware of its economic power, hotels, restaurants, shops and leisure facilities have adapted their offer to satisfy the needs of this new type of tourism. The reason why, in this post, we propose you visit the most progressive, inclusive and respectful destinations, which open their arms to the LGBT traveller.

Top 6 gay friendly destinations for visiting and be proud.

1. CopenhagueN (Denmark)

Firstly, Copenhaguen. Denmark is the homeland to Lego as well as one of the most important references for culinary options in the Nordic countries, however, one of its most important achievement is that in 1998 this country was the first country in the world in recognising same-sex marriages. Copenhague is home to one of the oldest gay pubs in Europe, the Centralhjornet. This bar opens its doors in 1950. Also, this country was the first one in creating a national association for gays and lesbians, in 1948.

Travelling to Copenhagen is a fabulous opportunity to discover the rich culture of the country through its numerous monuments, streets and squares. A square, we cannot fail to mention is the Rainbow Square, in honour to the LGBT collective and its struggle for recognition of its rights. Considered by many one of the most gay friendly destinations in the world.

2. Toronto (Canada)

Possibly most people don’t know that Toronto, is the economic capital of Canada, as well as one of the most important and open-minded cities in the world. Its lively nightlife and the vibrant cultural offer have made it an authentic emblem to the LGBT community, not only in the country but also in North-America. The Village is the cultural centre for the LGBT community of Toronto. This neighbourhood of Church-Wellesley has a large number of Art Galleries, theatres and gay-friendly business. Furthermore, this area hosts every year the “Week Pride” followed by the famous Gay Parade and the Dyke March.

3. Sitges (Spain)

Converted into one of the European Gay capitals, Sitges is a beautiful seaside town with picturesque narrow streets, where you can enjoy the large cultural offer. In addition to its lively atmosphere and a large number of bars and clubs, Sitges features beautiful beaches, among which we also found some nudist, such as Morisca Beach. One of the most popular spots in town is Calle Primer de Maig, widely known as the Carrer del Pecat (Sin Street), where opened their doors the first nightclubs. Nowadays, all these businesses offer a lively entertainment offer. Certainly, Sitges is one of the most beautiful gay friendly destinations in Spain.

4. Reykjavik (Iceland)

The northernmost capital of the world is one of the most open-minded and inclusive cities on earth. In 2017, the city celebrates its 18th Gary Pride Parade, one of the oldest parades in Europe. Also, Iceland has the most progressive legislation in the world. In 2006, same-sex couples acquired the same rights as heterosexuals in all fields. Furthermore, this beautiful country is one of the most interesting areas in the world. In Iceland is possible to walk behind breathtaking waterfalls, descend to dormant volcanoes or spend a day, or two, in one of its numerous geothermal lagoons. Isn’t great?

5. Tel Aviv, Israel

Yes, you have read right Tel Aviv in Israel is one of the most beautiful and fascinating gay-friendly cities in the world. For a long time, the city has become a paradise for gays in the Middle East. Thanks to its open-minded inhabitants, warm weather and lively nightlife, Tel Aviv was declared the best gay city in 2011.

6. San Francisco

Last but not least, San Francisco, probably the Gay Capital of America. The city is home to the largest LGBT community in the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Castro District, which constitutes an emblem for the gay community. The area welcomes everyone with multicoloured flags, which flutter in any corner.  Gays will feel like home through this
Californian City.

Here our selection with the Top 6 gay friendly destinations for visiting and be proud.

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