10 fun facts that you didn’t know about Barcelona, the capital of Modernism

10 fun facts that you didn’t know about Barcelona, the capital of Modernism

With fantastic beaches perfect for soak up the Mediterranean sun, friendly people and stunning architecture, it’s easy to fall in love with Barcelona. Certainly, Barcelona is a city that appeals to many senses: delicious wines to be shared with friends while enjoying tapas, hidden narrow paths to discover and unique attractions. Furthermore, the Catalan capital also counts with Roman ruins, posh boutiques and modernist areas all on the same block.

With a vast array of attractions and centuries of history to discover across its streets, Barcelona is a destination you cannot miss on this New Year. If is the first time you come to this city, we invite you to check out this 10 fun facts about Barcelona, the capital of Modernism. Check them out!

10 fun facts about Barcelona

fun facts about Barcelona

  1. Firstly, Barcelona is the beautiful capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia.
  2. Barcelona has two official languages: Spanish and Catalan. But don’t worry, Barcelona is a big city and most people speak or at least try to, English.
  3. Barcelona is perfect for soak up the Mediterranean sun. The city boasts a fantastic Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers.
  4. Barcelona ranked in the top 10 of the most visited cities in Europe, behind top cities like London and Paris.
  5. The Port of Barcelona is the largest cruise port in Europe and one of the busiest.
  6. Barcelona celebrates the day of Saint George (April 23rd). On this day, the Catalans exchange roses and books. Thanks to this Catalan celebration, UNESCO declared Saint George day as World Book Day.
  7. Did you know that the most crowded commercial area of Spain is in Barcelona? Portal de l’Angel. The main shopping area of the city, close to Plaza Catalonia.
  8. Almost the 15% of the city’s surface is parkland. In fact, Barcelona has the largest park in Spain: Montjuïc.
  9. Barcelona is home to 9 World Heritage Sites. All of them with the unique architectural style that describes this beautiful city: The Modernism. Especially relevant, of course, La Sagrada Familia.
  10. This powerful city also has a special amusement park: Tibidabo, a vintage theme park set on the top of a mountain guarding Barcelona. You must come to the park and enjoy a thrilling ride on board of the“La Muntanya Russa”. This roller coaster provides breathtaking views of the city.

Finally, this city is special and perfect for your next holidays. Have you ever been to Barcelona? Do you know other fun facts about Barcelona? Comment.

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