Fantastic Holidays in Cartagena

Fantastic Holidays in Cartagena

Villa Colonial Hotel in Cartagena: Beaches

Everybody likes a vacation. You need break from your everyday life, work, and more. There are many ways to enjoy your vacation but nothing beats a good day in the beach. Yes, a good rest under a shady tree with your favorite tropical drinks as you watch the wave’s splashes and feel the wind soothing your body. That’s paradise! And if you’re thinking about having a trip to Cartagena, then there’s always a place for you.

 Now you’re probably thinking which beach to go during your vacation.  Don’t worry as we will show you the finest beaches you will find in Cartagena.

Villa Colonial Hotel in Cartagena: San Blas Coast

The first beach that will astonish your eyes is the San Blas coast in Panama. If you have money and time, you can spend 600$ and get your exciting trip to this coast. The Kuna Indians maintained and have been living in the coast for many years. You will take up to nine days of trip to this coast to complete your island getaway.

You will have other options if you find your budget not suitable for expensive and luxurious trips. One of these economical yet amusing beaches is the Capurgana. This magnificent beach offers you great swimming experience that is surely fit your budget. Just one and a half days of travel to the open sea will make you wonder into the fascinating views of Cartagena. You can also find a place to rest as you swim and take scuba diving activities in the place. There you will find their cozy huts, restaurants, and some of the well known hotels. If you suffer from seasickness, they offer you there with a trip by plane at the cost of 250$. Not bad for your pocket. Villa Colonial Hotel in Cartagena can arrange these trips for you as you stay in their hotel.

Villa Colonial Hotel in Cartagena: Islas Del Rosario

In case you have a bit less in time, you can always find an option in which beach you would like to stay. Your perfect option would be Islas Del Rosario. This beach will only take you about six to ten hours of travel by sea and will directly point you to the nearest hotel upon embarking. There you can enjoy the sun and the beach as you swim and dive into their astounding beach. You can also find some restaurants and clubs nearby. During the trip, you’re sightseeing begins as the chartered boats offers you to see cool sceneries and views of the islands. You can also be amazed to find bottlenose dolphins that will accompany you to your destination. Their seas are full of wildlife so you will feel nature at its best as they provide you with entertainment and comfort in Cartagena.

These beaches are just some of the wonderful haven and paradise that is being offered outside the noisy and busy places in the metropolis of Cartagena.  Just visit these places, explore and enjoy.

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