6 Colombian Paradises that everyone should visit at least once

6 Colombian Paradises that everyone should visit at least once

Colombia is a beautiful country full of magical areas. The country is home to stunning beaches, lush forests and historic villages, so the country is the perfect spot to enjoy its vast array of outdoor entertainment options. Colombia has been blessed with unique natural treasures. Furthermore, Colombia boasts a fabulous climate throughout the whole year.

Due to the rise of the dollar, many national travellers gave up travelling abroad and decided to do internal tourism. In contrast, more and more foreign tourists are arriving, taking advantage of the devaluation of the Colombian peso. Colombia has become an essential destination in all tourists guides, thanks to its beautiful attractions, delicious culinary options and also for being a cheap destination. Check out this information and enjoy your next holidays in this beautiful country of Latin America.

6 Colombian Paradises that everyone should visit.


The best beaches of  Colombia are on the island of Providencia. The archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, are fabulous location perfect for those travellers looking for soak up the Caribbean sun. Providencia is one of the best-kept secrets of Colombia, so you will never find lots of tourists. In Providencia, you can enjoy the quiet life of a typical Caribbean island, by the hand of the natives. One of its main attractions is Cayo Cangrejo, a green ‘mountain’ in the middle of the sea. Undoubtedly, Providencia is one of those Colombian Paradises.

La Guajira

Imagine a vast desert, but with the Caribbean sea in the background. This is one of the unique landscapes that La Guajira offers to its visitors in places like the Dunes of Taroa, Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas. Certainly, it’s a destination that remains unexplored by mass tourism. This location is perfect for those visitors looking to learn about the traditions of the Wayuu culture. In the extreme north of Colombia, travellers will discover an exotic and wild destination with secluded beaches and breathtaking landscapes.


Nuquí is a wild paradise in the Colombian Pacific. This area is special because, in one place, visitors can enjoy the lush jungle, green waters and imposing waves of the Pacific Ocean. The tourist epicentre is the Village of Guachalito, home to several beaches. This area is considered one of the most biodiverse areas on earth, so travellers can appreciate a natural spectacle. Between the months of June and November, visitors will witness the migration of whales and humpbacks that travel thousands of miles from the South Pole.


Boyacá is only two hours from Bogota and offers one of the most complete and diverse tourist destinations in Colombia. Home to colonial jewels such as Villa de Leyva, one of the most beautiful villages in the country, this Colombian department features attractions such as Lake Tota, a fresh water beach more than 3,000 meters high. Certainly, a destination full of nature, with a first class hotel, that offers plans for all tastes and budgets.

The desert of Tatacoa

Backpacker’s paradise and the most important destination for lovers of astronomical contemplation. Such is the desert of Tatacoa, in the department of Huila, a place that looks like another planet. The orange colours of the arid soil, the green of the cactus and the blue of the firmament predominate during the day. But at night, in the middle of darkness, white becomes the protagonist: the light of a starry sky along with the moon illuminates the more than 56,000 hectares of this place hui lense. In the sky that clothes the Tatacoa, you can chase stars and constellations.

The lung of the world: The Amazon

Amazon is the lung of the world. The Amazon is not only one of the most beautiful of the Colombian Paradises is also a place where travellers disconnected from modern life and let themselves be caught by the powerful magic of the jungle. It’s said that in the Amazon River, you can contemplate the most beautiful sunsets in the world. But it’s also a destination for adventure lovers.

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