Brewery Barcelona: The best craft beer in town

Brewery Barcelona: The best craft beer in town

It’s widely known that Barcelona is famous for its wine scene; however, in recent years, and maybe thanks to the influx of foreigners from neighbour countries, Spain has gained a good reputation in the craft beer scene. It’s a new era and beer has come to stay!

Obviously, if you come this far, it’s because you want to know a bit more about this industry. For new beer lovers, the craft beer culture is forging ahead and gaining space in the heart of locals, with a large number of breweries and brewpubs popping up all over the capital of Catalonia. Whether you have a test for lighter beers or maybe the darker stouts suits better to your taste buds… In Barcelona, you’ll have plenty of options waiting for you!

Barcelona craft beer: A few notes on the history of beer

Brewery Barcelona

We are all aware that all beer starts as craft beer, and in Barcelona, there are two famous brands, Estrella Damm and Mortiz. A couple of years ago, the beer revolution exploded in the Catalan capital and became a pioneered in Spain, reason why around the city you’ll find numerous entrepreneurs and beer lovers that have developed their own style and mixes. So…are you ready to discover the brewery Barcelona? Take a look at this post!

Moritz Barcelona Factory: The first craft beer in Barcelona

Undoubtedly, the first beer in town, or at least is how Moritz defines itself. Do you want to live a unique experience and enjoy a delightful beer directly from a craft brewery? You can do so at the Moritz Factory. Enjoy a fabulous location, very close to main venues of the city, this factory is perfect not only for taste delicious beer but also to delight your taste buds with local gastronomy. Once you step into this craft beer temple, the aromas and the stylish décor will take you in time, when the first Moritz were made. Certainly, if you want to enjoy not only a good beer but also a lively environment Moritz Factory is your spot!

Address: Ronda de Sant Antoni 41

Antigua Fábrica Estrella Damm: The most famous craft beer in Barcelona

Fabrica estrella damm

The Estrella Damm Old Factory, better known as La Bohemia, is the favourite place for informal companies and organizations in Barcelona to hold their small events. The building is catalogued as a place of interest in the city. This fact should give us clues of what we will find if we move forward…

The Old Estrella Damm Factory worked producing the beer of the brand from 1905 to 1992, yeap the year of the Olympics in Barcelona. A visit to this historical building, in which barrels and machinery of the time are still preserved, will take you back to the period of history in which the golden ale was produced in a more traditional way. A visit to the museum is a must because Brewery Barcelona cannot be conceiving without Estrella Damm.

Address: C/ Rosselló 515

Biercab Barcelona: The perfect blend of Style and tradition

Biercab Barcelona

The specialized website of brewers “RateBeer” in 2014 confirmed that Barcelona had become a brewing tourist destination. Guess what? BierCab ranks at the top of this list! We are talking about a world ranking, impressive isn’t it? So, do you need more information for visiting this place? BierCab is probably the best place to taste a very good beer in Barcelona. Nevertheless, this location has pros and cons. This place is super popular, so it’s always crowded

This is, undoubtedly, an impressive presentation letter to generate, at least, curiosity and encourage you to visit the best-known and most popular craft brewery in Barcelona. Delicious tapas and an impressive selection of blond and dark ales from all over the world await you at BierCab. 

Location: C / Muntaner 55

Napar Bcn: The least known but original

napar craft beer

Perhaps the least known of the craft breweries Barcelona, but not least recommended. What is the best of Napar Bcn? and why do we recommend it? Firstly, we want to focus on the impressive decoration. All the craft breweries we have talked about have a common denominator. They take you to a different and distant time, something that transports us to an era where there was only room for craft beer. Secondly, the 7 fermentation tanks that are directly connected to 6 tanks from where beer is served in the bar, seriously, this is a winning idea!

In Napar Bcn, the craftsmanship of beer is defended, they respect the times necessary for the perfect production of the liquid element, they do not use chemical ingredients and this makes a big difference in the final result. In addition to enjoying a good and natural craft beer, you can taste delicious gastronomic options in a  pub with a unique style.

Location: C / Diputación 223

In terms of tastes, there is nothing written… so explore Brewery Barcelona and tell us which one is your favourite! Have you ever been at any of these pubs? Can you tell us which Brewery Barcelona is your favourite? Comment!

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