When is the best time to travel to Colombia?

When is the best time to travel to Colombia?

Colombia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world, a country worth travelling at least once in a lifetime. Colombia stands for its unparallel beaches, its delightful gastronomic options and, of course, for its incredible climate. However to enjoy the vast array of leisure activities that the region offers it’s necessary to know when is the best time to travel to Colombia. That is why, in this post, we will explain to you when could be the right season for visit the country depending on the type of activity you want to do. Check it out!

The best time to travel to Colombia: The weather.

Thanks to its geographical location, between the Tropics, it’s possible to visit Colombia at any time of the year. When we talk about “Tropical” we normally think of Caribbean music and cheeriness. But the thing is that the “tropic” is a region in the world that lies between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. This means that the sun rays fall vertically producing a diversity of ecosystems, rich in wildlife and micro-climates, but without seasons.

Right, so we can say that the climate of Colombia has 2 seasons, the wet and the dry season. Wet season takes places during the months between April and October, while the dry season is from December to February. Nevertheless, please note that in some areas the weather varied depending on the high of the place. For example is not the same temperature on the Andes than in Bogota. If you are visiting Colombia during your holidays, the best time for booking your flight is in October and November. These months are low-season, so you can enjoy pleasant and relaxing vacations.

The best time to travel to Colombia: Beaches.

However, as we have already mentioned, you cannot base your criteria solely on the prices of hotels and flights, since the climate in Colombia is variable depending on the area. Here we point out the most common climates:

  • Amazon: The area closest to the Amazon has a tropical climate, with a temperature of about 20-25 degrees throughout the year, and with constant rainfall and humidity.
  • Andes: It’s better to avoid the dates between April-June and September-November. During these months there are many monsoons so it’s better to visit the Andes during the rest of the dates.

The best time to travel to Colombia: Festivals.

The most adventurous visitors, don’t make plans depending only on the weather and if there is something that catches your attention you can visit it anyway, don’t forget that the weather in Colombia is mostly pleasant and the average temperature are mild. If you are one of those who loves to discover a country and its cultural events, you should mark the following dates on the calendar.

  • Carnival of the Devil: It’s held on January 5th in Riosucio and it’s a festival full of colours and parties. Don’t let its name fool you this festival has no religious roots, only its name. This Carnival has pre-Columbian aboriginal origins.
  • Folkloric Festival: Celebrated on June 25th in Ibagué, this festival is the fantastic opportunity to enjoy the lively atmosphere of the village and the joyful attitude of the Tolimas.
  • Festivities of San Pedro: This festival takes places in Neiva on June 14th, and it’s a celebration that, although it has changed its meaning over the years, was originally carried out to swear obedience to the King of Spain.

Best time to travel to Colombia: Choosing the right hotel.

There are many people that may think that the hotels in Colombia don’t have the same facilities and services than most hotels in Europe or America. But this line is so wrong, in fact, Colombia is home to a large number of incredible resorts and hotels that has nothing to envy with those in London or Rome. The only thing you need to know before booking your accommodation is which area of the country you are going to visit and on which area you must book your room. Simply, be smart when booking, do a little research and avoid dodgy areas, also try to book hotels with good reviews and lots of comments. Normally, on those hotels, you will have no problem with the language.

As you can see, choosing the Best time to travel to Colombia it’s probably not that important, because you can still enjoy some fantastic activities and attraction of this incredible country

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