Barranquilla, city of happiness

Barranquilla, city of happiness

After visiting Cartagena de Indias, you could take a car and in two hours, going north, you will arrive at Barranquilla, city of happiness.

Barranquilla is a big and wonderful city where is a large list of tourist attractions. Pumarejo Bridge, the zoo, Metropolitan Stadium, Totumo Volcano, the romantic museum… is once of them. It’s the fourth most important city in Colombia, which explains the beauty of this spectacular place.

An incredible architectural beauty with its colonial treasures surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes all this mixed with the spontaneity and the joy of the Caribbean people.

Enjoying Barranquilla

The most unique landscape you can see is the place where the Magdalena River meets the Caribbean Sea. Also, there are many places more to know in Barranquilla. The theatre of Amira de la Rosa is the epicentre of the local culture, in its modern premises there are plays, painting exhibitions, musical shows and events of all kinds during the year.

Also, as we mentioned before, you can visit the Romantic museum, that was propriety of the niece of Sigmund Freud. Is an old mansion of republican style and there are objects belonging to historical personages and places. Moreover, there is the zoo of Barranquilla, a great place with many species of animals. The Zoo includes animals in danger of extinction and others that you can only see in Colombia.

Carnival in Barranquilla, city of happiness

Barranquilla is a lively and resplendent city that reconciles its own and strangers with life.  The Carnival is the most important and the biggest party in Colombia and in Barranquilla, the city of happiness. In Barranquilla, every street becomes a party with an amazing atmosphere in which there is the presence of local traditions and of other Colombian localities as well as typical dances and dresses. The Carnival of Barranquilla is recognized as Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, which explains its importance.

Do you want to spend a few days of joy and fun? So Barranquilla is your next destination that you will enjoy it to the maximum because of its Caribbean atmosphere.

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