A 2017 travel guide in some of the best European destinations

A 2017 travel guide in some of the best European destinations

Are you thinking about your upcoming trip this year 2017? Maybe you are in search of natural wonders or just a place of staggering beauty. You could easily spend a lifetime in Europe, just read over below for an ultimate European adventure.


London remains a top destination for Europeans. London boasts chic boutiques, budget restaurants, and free museums. Enjoy art museums and hot galleries. For instance, you can visit the National Gallery. To explore the most exciting architecture in the city, combine a visit to the Tower of London and to the Big Ben. See theater performances and sample food. The options, it seems, are endless. In the event you are travelling with your kiddos, there are plenty of places to play and discover with children.

Bring your kids to the Natural History Museum. They will love uncovering the longest blue whale and dinosaurs find in this museum. Apart from that, London offers loads of fun for kids in terms of playgrounds. Go to one of these following amazing playgrounds: Marble Hill Playcentre Twickenham, Coram’s Fields, and Regent’s Park.


Enjoy river cruises through France. You can cruise The Seine Valley to explore greater France. Also, France has shores to spare, so that you can enjoy some time in the sun and great views. Enjoy glorious beaches along the Deauville Beach, in Normandy, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations there. Cavalaire-sur-Mer in Provence offers the best family activities including scuba diving, swimming and snorkeling. However, if you are a nightlife lover, head to Paris.

There’s plenty of nightlife in this exciting city like Saints Pères, Nüba and Badaboum. You may want to rent a vehicle just to drive around the environs of France’s cities. Find through this link a luxury car rental company that will help you get around France when you’re travelling to major cities.


Italy is a beautiful countryside offering widely varied sights and experiences. There are sunny isles, glacial lakes, historical museums, romantic canals and rolling vineyards that are waiting to be explored in Italy. Experience fabulous wine by finding out the vineyards in Tuscany. Visit the Cinque Terre that is actually a national park and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Additionally, Italy offers famous beaches. Things included, some of the best beaches in mainland Italy are in Tuscany and in Puglia. You can head for the seaside villages of Torre Colimena or go to Viareggio.

On the other hand, Italy features numerous amusement parks if you’re looking for a fun family outing. Visit Pinocchio Park, or the Chianti Sculpture Park. But if you are looking for any fun activities for any age like roller coasters, rides or log flumes, then you shouldn’t miss out these theme parks: Movieland Park, Rainbow Magicland, Gardaland and Mirabilandia.

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