Wine tasting Barcelona: 4 cellers to enjoy delicious wines in Catalonia.

Wine tasting Barcelona: 4 cellers to enjoy delicious wines in Catalonia.

Oh, Barcelona, the city with such a beautiful horizon. The bustling capital of Catalonia is perfect for all kind of plans. Like sightseeing across its streets or spend a lovely day at the Tibidabo. Spain is the paradise for all those who love wine, regions like Rioja or Navarra has always been in the top 10 locations to enjoy delicious wines. Nevertheless, in recent years, Catalonia has won its own place in the wine-tasting area thanks to its convenient location, only 20 km away from fabulous vineyards.

Whether you have no idea about wine or in case you are an expert, there is always room to learn something about this delicious beverage. Despite other cities in the world, one of the top metropolitan areas in the world offers the opportunity to visit fabulous vineyards without travelling more than 30 minutes from the city. Running south from the Pyrenees and along the Mediterranean Coast, this fabulous region is home to a large number of diverse winery regions. Do you want to spend your holidays in Barcelona? If so check out this fabulous post. Who says you cannot wine tasting Barcelona? Take a look at this selection and discover nearby areas to try delicious wines in Catalonia.

Wine Tasting Barcelona


Alella is very famous in the wine world thanks to its sweet wines and fine cavas. This region is one of the charming DO of appellations in Spain, with only 9 registered wineries and more than 200 hectares of vineyards. Alella takes its name from a town in the Maresme region, only half an hour from Barcelona. The best terrain is on the slopes as it’s sheltered from the sea breezes; these vineyards produce better wines than those close to the coast. Certainly, thanks to its location Alella is perfect for wine tasting Barcelona.


Wine Tasting Barcelona

This region is not as close as Alella, but certainly, it is worthy to mention it. The Priorat is the birthplace of one of the best wines in Spain. The vineyards climb the steepest slopes, like enormous staircases, creating a beautiful picture. This region is perfect for those nature lovers since its villages look like they did in the middle ages, with unspoilt natural surrenders, beautiful castles and historic churches.


Penedés might not offer excellent wines like the Priorat or Alella, but still a nearby area, very close from Barcelona. The region offers a vast array of wine styles like the dry reds, sparkling white and rose. Penedés is a fabulous winery region of Catalonia, as not only offers typical tours to the vineyards, also offers other activities like cycling across the vineyards or sleeping in beautiful hotels overlooking the terraces. If you are interested in wine tasting Barcelona, come and enjoy this lovely region.


On the western area of Penedés, you will find this beautiful region. In the past few years, Montsant has become one of the most important areas in Catalonia, thanks to its delicious red wines. This region is the newest in Spain, as has been officially recognised in 2001. The region is in the southern area of Catalonia and it is very close to Priorat. Its vineyards grow along the mountains among olive trees and lush vegetation.

Here our selection for wine tasting Barcelona. As you can see this vibrant urbe not only offers its architectural jewels but also delicious wine tasting opportunities.

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