Where to stay in Bogota? The best areas of the Colombian capital

Where to stay in Bogota? The best areas of the Colombian capital

Where to stay in Bogota? Which are the best areas? Those are FAQS when planning our holidays. Firstly, we chose our flights but then we take a look at lodging options. Sometimes a good hotel makes the difference between normal holidays or unforgettable memories.

Choosing the right accommodation and a good location is especially important to enjoy the Colombian capital. If you visit Bogota, allow a couple of minutes to discover which the best areas are so you won’t suffer security problems during your holidays in Bogota.

A couple of years ago nobody could spot Bogota in a map. Nowadays, and thanks to the efforts of the government of Colombia, Bogota is attracting more and more visitors every year. Although it is much safer today than several years ago, they’re still important challenges to fulfil until it can be considered a truly safe city.

For this reason, it’s important to choose a good neighbourhood where to stay in Bogota in order to avoid troubles. In general, the highest crime rate is concentrated in the southern neighbourhoods of the city, so it is advisable to avoid these areas, where there is also nothing of interest for a regular tourist.

Where to stay in Bogota?

Where to stay in Bogota

The best neighbourhoods of Bogota are those in the north. Chapinero, Usaquen and Chico are undoubtedly the best options. These 3 neighbours are safe and have a wide array of leisure options. Also in this area, you’ll have plenty of options for enjoying the lively nightlife of the city.

For those travelling on a budget, La Candelaria is the best option, especially for backpackers, it’s true is not as safe as the northern neighbours but still a good option.

Where to stay in Bogota? The best options.

La Candelaria

The cradle of Bogota and where visitors find the best attractions in town. On this neighbour, you will admire the typical colonial architecture that characterises the Latin American countries. Enjoy pleasant strolls along the beautiful cities and discover the Plaza Bolivar, the Gold Museum, Botero Museum, Colon theatre, Casa de la Moneda or go straight to Cerro Montserrat and enjoy the impressive views of Bogota.

In the perfect world, La Candelaria would be the best area to stay during your holidays, because is close to the main attractions of the city. However, please remind that it is not a safe area, so if you decide to book your accommodation here, be careful during the nights.


This is a fairly large district located between La Candelaria and the most affluent neighbourhoods in the north of Bogotá. Chapinero has a reputation as a bohemian area, with a large gay community and an open-minded atmosphere is perfect for avid travellers who want to enjoy a convenient location close to the best areas as well as a safe place.

This neighbour has an intense cultural life, with a large number of theatres, restaurants, shopping centres and bars. Certainly, the perfect spot for enjoying the nightlife of Bogota. Whether you travel on a budget or if you want to enjoy a luxurious hotel Chapinero is the right place to be. If there is an area where you everything is this one.

La Zona Rosa

The fabulous Zona Rosa of Bogota is what SOHO to London, where the best nightlife in Bogota is, affordable prices and incredible atmosphere. La Zona Rosa has plenty of bars with nice service who will be extremely happy to have a chinwag with you. La Zona Rosa has a very arty, edgy and quirky vibe, certainly a nice place for party animals.

Chicó and the Park of 93

If you are concern about your safety or if you are travelling with kids, Chicó is the best area to stay in Bogata. It’s not only the safest area of the city it’s also the most exclusive neighbourhood in Bogota. In El Chicó you will the best restaurants and bars. The prices of the area are the same as in Europe, one beer can cost you same as in the UK…

The main accommodation option, obviously are luxurious hotels with all the amenities and services you may need. However, if you are lucky enough you can find relatively good prices for accommodation. Another area you can consider is Park of 93, between the streets 93a and 93b and Carreras 11a and 13. This neighbourhood is famous for its large array of restaurants and bars. The environment is less noisy than Zona Rosa, which is an excellent option if you want to enjoy quiet and romantic meals.

Bonus: Usaquén

This charming neighbourhood is the safest area of Bogota. Enjoy pleasant strolls along its cobbled streets and discover its beautiful buildings with colonial-style architecture. Where to stay in Bogota? How about close to a tiny square with a beautiful church from the 16th century? Undoubtedly, one of the most charming places in Bogota. Furthermore, Usaquén is full of gastronomic options. This neighbour is home to excellent restaurants and stylish bars for a drink, or two.

Already know where to stay in Bogota? Have you ever been to Bogota? Can you tell us other areas? Comment!

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