What to see in Morocco: Marrakech, dunes, desert, Kasbahs and more

What to see in Morocco: Marrakech, dunes, desert, Kasbahs and more

If you are in Europe and want to discover a beautiful, exotic and mysterious country… Why don’t you visit Morocco? Certainly, a beautiful country perfect for a lovely getaway. A tour to this magical country will make you realise the wonders that offers. Also, if you choose to visit Marrakech, you will discover a unique location. Are you ready to check out what to see in Morocco?

What to see in Morocco:


Firstly, the beautiful city of Marrakech. This city manages to mimic itself with the sand of the dunes thanks to the ocher and orange colour of its districts, reason why has been baptised like the ‘red city‘. Marrakech is considered the gateway to Africa and is the ideal destinations if you want to visit the large array of attractions that this city, behind the columns of Hercules, offers.

Among the essential places of what to see in Morocco, highlights Marrakesh and the prominently Jamaa El Fna square. Center of the public life of the city, in this enclave of enormous dimensions, seems to stop the time when the sun goes to sleep. It’s at that very moment when the square booms in an incessant coming and going of people looking for spices in one of their posts, contemplate the spectacle of the snake charmer or enjoy the delicious typical food.

In the trips to Marrakech, you cannot miss a walk through the gardens of the Menara or around the minaret of the Koutoubia. In the enclosure of the Saadian tombs dating from the time of Sultan Ahmad Al-Mansur, late 16th century, discovered in 1917. On this area, you can see more than a hundred tombs from the Sultan’s family. His children rest in the hall of twelve columns, the most popular of the three rooms of the mausoleum. Within walking distance is the Bahia Palace, one of the most beautiful architectural works of the city with a stunning central pond built at the end of the 19th century.

In addition to a large number of palaces and monuments of the city, it’s advisable to spend part of the day to let yourself be drawn by intuition and to wander aimlessly. Each neighbourhood gives off a different essence.

The Atlas and the dunes of the Sahara

There are scheduled routes that transport tourists through the Atlas Mountains in a 4×4 car, offering them the possibility to change completely the landscape they had previously contemplated. Marrakech offers a beautiful landscape full of green valleys; in this tour, the colour range varies towards the warm colours of the pre-desert region. The city of Zagora, known for being the beginning of the route of the Berbers, is the paradise for those who seek an absolute peace. To complete the experience don’t miss the chance to ride a dromedary to the dunes of the Sahara.

To complete the experience of what to see in Morocco, you cannot miss the chance for visiting Tamegroute. This village, sacred to Islam, is home to an ancient library with a large number of books of all kinds. Known as one of the richest in North Africa and the most important in Morocco, this library has hosted more than 40,000 books on different subjects: copies of the Koran, some written on gazelle skin, algebra, grammar, poetry, dictionaries, etc. Once you in Erfoud you will find the most incredible golden landscapes. The high point will be the arrival in the region of Merzouga, where the highest dunes in Africa await you.

The Gorges of Todra and Dades

What to see in Morocco

Finally, the viewpoints on the gorges formed along the rivers are impressive. After a morning of incredible memories, in the afternoon the Kasbah route will be the pin for a perfect day. With this name, the oldest parts of the Arab cities are known, with special emphasis on their strengths built in Adobe. Many of the Kasbahs have been rehabilitated to house hotels, but still, retain their old charm.

One of them, the Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou, is so overwhelming that it has been chosen as the scenario for many films. Its alias as ‘Hollywood of the Desert‘ is obvious when you discover that a large number of international films, including ‘Gladiator’, ‘Prince of Persia’ or ‘The Mummy’ came to this very place to film their scenes. Famous series as ‘Game of Thrones’ have chosen it as well. Certainly, the Gorges are beautiful locations you cannot miss if visiting Morocco.

Here our selection for What to see in Morocco, some of the most beautiful areas of the country. Have you ever been to Morocco? Did you visit any of these areas? Comment!

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