Discover the weirdest restaurants in the world

Discover the weirdest restaurants in the world

In the world, you can find a large number of weird things, or simply different. Beauty, dress code, drinks, food but recently even restaurants, yes, some locals have changed the way of eating. Going out for dinner away from home can become a fabulous and unique experience if you choose the right place. There are restaurants that have decided to focus their efforts on offering more than just a menu. The themed restaurants usually offer an addition to your menu that you cannot eat. In this type of restaurants, sit down to eat usually is the least important. Extraordinary landscapes, incredible decorations or playing with our senses are just some of the extras offered by these venues. We present you the most amazing and weirdest restaurants in the world. Do you want to enjoy a different way to eat? Check out this top.

Weirdest restaurants in the world

Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Would you like to enjoy your holidays in a beautiful hotel surrounded by giraffes? If so, book your accommodation at The Giraffe Manor in Kenya, Africa. This hotel, housed in a noble Victorian mansion 20 kilometres from Nairobi, Kenya, offers to its visitors a fabulous experience. Thanks to its special features, location, architecture, design and personalised service, it’s one of the best luxury boutique hotels. Giraffe Manor boasts a fabulous and paradisiacal location, in the middle of a splendid private forest of 140 hectares. In 1932, Sir David Duncan created the beautiful building following the usual pattern of typically Scottish nobiliary houses.

The cuisine of the hotel offers a curious and rewarding alliance between the best European cuisine and the vibrant African gastronomy. In fact, here you can taste the best tea and coffee in Kenya. Giraffe Manor prepares exceptional meals: freshly baked rolls, the best meats, homemade pastries and fruits purchased in the local markets. You can opt for a meal served by candlelight in the spectacular dining room, or at a table under the stars, surrounded by the magical glow of the lanterns and candles on the terrace. And of course, you must share your food with the special guests, the Giraffes.

Villa Escudero, Philippines

Villa Escudero is a holiday resort set amidst majestic mountains of volcanic origin, rows of coconut trees and lush fields in the province of Quezon, Philippines. Among its attractions we find one of the most curious restaurants in the world, its tables are next to an impressive waterfall, so the first thing you will have to do to eat is to take off your shoes or wear sandals. If you like the nature and sound of water, this restaurant will become one of your favourite places. The sound of Labasin Falls falling between the bamboo tables while enjoying dinner is certainly an incredible experience.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in the Maldives Islands

There is a great variety of extraordinary constructions in this world, and this restaurant under the sea is one of them. Thanks to the Hilton Hotels chain, which has decided to build one of the weirdest restaurants in one of its resorts. This impressive underwater restaurant, worthy of a science fiction film.

The name of the restaurant is Ithaa which means “Pearl“. Why is this restaurant unusual? Simply, because of its location, five meters under the sea, in the Indian Ocean. Majestic panoramic views of over 180 degrees where you can glimpse the ocean floor with breathtaking views of all marine animals that wander around the area. At the moment, only 14 people can enjoy the event at a time, and the price of the menu is about 90 euros for lunch, and 190 euros for dinner.

Aiguille du Midi, France

The Chamonix Skywalk is a structure of glass walls installed on the upper terrace of the peak Aiguille du Midi (3,842 meters), with a drop of 1,000 meters to the nearest rock. Visitors can step on it and experiment the feeling of being hung over the abyss. Designed by Pierre-Yves Chays, The Chamonix has required a three-year job and was inspired by the “Skywalk“, the great glass walkway overlooking the Grand Canyon, in the state of Arizona, USA.

The five glass panels are 12 mm thick. The structure can withstand winds of more than 220 kilometres per hour. The peak Aiguille du Midi receives countless tourists each year, to admire the views of the Alps and enjoy a coffee in the restaurant. Furthermore, it’s a starting point for free skiing.

Snow Castle, Finland

The Snow Castle enjoys a fabulous location in Kemi, Finland. The restaurant opens its doors in 1996 and offers delicious dishes of local fish like salmon and perch all served with local vegetable. For only € 25, you can taste a complete menu which includes cream cheese and chives, cream and soup typical of the area, steak reindeer and hot apple pie. Next to the restaurant is the Snow-bar where you can savour your favourite drinks in your ice cup.

HR Giger, Suiza

HR Giger was the designer of Alien, one of the most feared and famous aliens in the film world. This Swiss artist left behind a legacy that transcends formats and generations, including an amazing bar and a museum located in Gruyères, a European city that retains almost intact its medieval aspect. The museum opened in 1998 in the historical Saint-Germain Castle, displaying the largest collection of the artist in the world. This collection includes paintings, sculptures, furniture and designs for films. Five years later the bar open its doors. The Bar is a fabulous space in which every detail was meditated and created by Giger: the roof of vertebrate arches, tables, walls and chairs. Certainly, the HR Giger Bar is one of the weirdest restaurants in the world that everyone should visit.

Green Dragon Pub, New Zealand

The “Green Dragon Pub” is located in Hobbiton, the tourist village near the town of Matamata, built in 1998 to serve as a movie set where Peter Jackson recreated the Hobbit village that appeared in the Lord’s Trilogy of the Rings. At the price of about 10€ per beer, you can drink like a hobbit in a dreamy place. Are you a Tolkien’s Fan? If so, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit one of the weirdest restaurants in the world.

El Diablo, Lanzarote

Nothing tastier than meat cooked with the heat of the bowels of the Earth. El Diablo offers a delicious gastronomic proposal. Located in the National Park of Timanfaya in Lanzarote, this restaurant is at the very heart of a dormant volcano. All these facts, makes El Diablo one of the weirdest restaurant in the world.

No one travels to this island without dedicating at least one day to visit the Route of the Volcanoes and taste the delights of the restaurant El Diablo, inserted in a circular building of a single plant, work of César Manrique. A wide, circular glass window offers you breathtaking views of the endless and desolate lava fields. Inside, the centre of the circle of the building dominates the so-called “Dead Garden“, a small glass space decorated with a dry trunk and the skeleton of a dromedary.

Modern Toilet (Taiwan)

Few people would dare to dine in such an extravagant restaurant as the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan, but for Asians, these types of themed restaurants are not so strange. The “Modern Toilet Restaurant” is a very successful restaurants that has numerous restaurants throughout Asia. Undoubtedly, one of the weirdest restaurants in the world.

This modern restaurant with a capacity for 100 people is a place visited mainly by young people and curious tourists. Undoubtedly, it’s impressive to sit on a toilet and eat your food from a miniature toilet and drink from a urinal. For a European, this is unacceptable not to say disgusting. The food served at the Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan, China is rich in flavour, but with strange shapes. The Restaurant offers delicious desserts with names like “dry excrement diarrhoea” (chocolate), “bloody poop” (strawberry) and “green dysentery” (kiwi).

Here our selection with the weirdest restaurants in the world. Do you want to enjoy a meal at any of these restaurants? Have you ever been to any of them? Comment!

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