Valentine’s Day all over the world

Valentine’s Day all over the world

Valentine’s Day is a date expected by almost everyone in love. Some celebrate it a lot and others less, but most lovers want to arrive on February 14 to show what they feel. So here we want to show you how to celebrate Valentine’s Day all over the world.

Valentine’s Day in Colombia

In Colombia, they also celebrate Valentine’s Day, but the most important date for them is the third Saturday of the month of September when they celebrate the Day of Love and Friendship.

On this date, they try to show their friendship and love for their loved ones with special gifts and flowers. It is a very important detail for Colombians.

Valentine’s Day all over the world

Almost every country in the world celebrates Valentine’s Day, in some of this, it is celebrated in a big way and in others much more intimately.

In Japan, women give chocolates of different types to men and depending on the type the intention of the girl will be one or the other. There is the chocolate for obligation, for consolation, for friendship and for true feelings.

Taiwan does the opposite than Japan, men are the ones who give chocolates to women and a month later they answer them with more chocolates during the White Day.

The tradition of valentines in the United States is very similar to the rest of the world. The lovers exchange cards – ‘Be my Valentine’ – also flowers and boxes of chocolates.

In Denmark and Norway, the tradition is as different as original that has been preserved for many years. Men send poems with funny rhymes to women anonymously. In these poems put as the sender, the dots and letters of his name and the woman must guess the name. If so she wins an Easter egg and if she does not succeed she should give it to him.

In England, the tradition says that on the eve of Valentine’s Day, single women put 5 laurel leaves on their pillows to attract their loved ones with their dreams.

Also, in a small town in England, they have a very curious habit. It consists of a gentleman named ‘Jack Valentine’ knocking at the doors of houses and secretly leaves treats and gifts.

And how do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Tell us about it.

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