Travelling to Cartagena

Travelling to Cartagena

If you want to travel into one of the world’s most defined cultural and historical places in Colombia, then you better get yourself to visit the magnificent place of Cartagena. Cartagena or Cartagena de Indies is one of the richest cultural and historical cities you can ever see. Your historical visits in Cartagena will be complete as you marvel to their astounding and magnificent views. You’ll never get more exciting than this. So come on and let’s take you there.

Villa Colonial Hotel in Cartagena: Puerta del Reloj

The best and one of the most important entries in their culture is the Puerta del Reloj or also known as the “Clock’s Door”. This place has been the symbol of the whole Cartagena. According to historians, the central door of this historical place was used to communicate the city to Getsemani Village. Today, you can still touch the magnificent work of art of the past civilizations.

One of the proudest fortresses of the ancient civilization in Cartagena is the Castle of San Felipe. During the time, this castle was considered to be a military fortress that was protecting the people from pirate attacks. This castle has been a crucial structure of defense during 1636 to 1657 that provided the people with bunker from unending attacks from pirates, dominators and other conquerors. Today, the Castel of San Felipe is now considered as a tourist’s amusement that offers exciting tours into tunnels and trap doors. Located nearby the castle are Cartagena’s finest accommodations such as restaurants, café’s, and boutiques.

Villa Colonial Hotel in Cartagena: Cartagena de Indies

Cartagena de Indies is favored by most tourists all over the world because of its scenic tourist’s attraction and overall wonderful place. It has historical monuments and infrastructures that will certainly give you an amazed feeling. As you continue along with your travel to Cartagena, you might want to stay in Villa Colonial Hotel in Cartagena.

One of the favorite tourist’s spots in Cartagena is their main walled city, the Cartagena de Indies.  Until now, the remains of the historical structures are still intact.

One of these historical tourist’s spots is the El Corralito de Piedra. This is considered to be one of the most inspired historical features of Cartagena.  This historical place was covered with walls that were used during the siege of 1556 to 1608 permanent attacks. Today, El Corralito de Piedra remains intact. There are lots of infrastructures built nearby such as restaurants, clubs, banks, stations and hotels like Villa Colonial Hotel in Cartagena.

Villa Colonial Hotel in Cartagena: Pie de la Popa

Another historical place in Cartagena is the Pie de la Popa. This place is considered to be one of the first neighborhoods and settlements in all of Cartagena. This place has been a crucial settlement for the people during the ancient years of Cartagena. Today, Pie de la Popa is still populated with people because of their untouched historical legacy and new trendy structures such as malls.

The city of Cartagena is definitely filled with beautiful culture that the next generation will never forget. Consider you vacation an experience of a lifetime.

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