3 Places to travel in December: Cold destinations in Europe

3 Places to travel in December: Cold destinations in Europe

Are you one of those who love the winter cold? One of those who love drink Glühwein while admiring the mountains covered with snow. The winter is here and is the time to travel to those beautiful places that offers unique settings. December is the perfect time to take out your skis and enjoy the slopes or to wear your anorak and wander on beautiful mountain villages.

If you don’t know where to travel during this winter on this post we will propose you 3 places to travel in December and enjoy the winter cold. Check out these destinations and travel to the cool and cold destinations in Europe.

Places to travel in December:

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, French Alps.


Certainly, Mont Blanc is a one of the most demanded destination by anyone who boasts of being a skier. The French Alps are just fantastic and descend over the snowy slopes is just perfect. But Chamonix-Mont-Blanc not only offers breathtaking views and fantastic ski facilities, also offers the perfect activity perfect to fight against stress… Paint-Ball in the Alps, isn’t it great? The experience is fantastic and is an activity accessible for everyone. Furthermore, after a long day full of emotions, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc also offers a vast array of shops, restaurants as well as a lively nightlife.


3 Places to travel in December: Cold destinations in Europe

Norway, the beautiful country that inspired Disney to create one of the most successful movies of its recent years: “Frozen”. Thanks to this movie, many people have managed to locate Norway on a map and has become a fantastic destination for the winter. The average temperature of Norway ranges between the 30ª to 40ª degrees… below zero! But its undeniable beauty will make you forget the inclement weather and enjoy its beauty. If you still don’t know where to travel in December why not spend your holidays in the country of Elsa and Olaf?

If you are looking for different emotions we suggest you visit the Peaks of Vesterålen. The views are unparalleled…while you are sliding from the mountains you will have right in front or you the open ocean. The slopes are perfect for the cross-country skiing. If you are not into skiing, you must go to the shores of Vesterålen. The coast of Vesterålen is the perfect spot to observe the Aurora Borealis: Different colors eclipse the stars, on the horizon the snowy mountains while the ocean reflects all the colors from the sky… Certainly, a spectacle you cannot miss.



This is a wonderful place to travel in December and perfect for all those who love cold destinations. Reykjavik dresses up in its best galas to welcome New Year and you can be part of this fantastic event. During New Year, locals gather in the port to enjoy a fantastic fireworks display… And between hugs and champagne, everyone welcomes the New Year.  Furthermore, Iceland gives you the opportunity to bathe in hot springs with snowy mountains as backdrop. In order to enjoy this experience, you must visit Myvatn. In Myvatn you will enjoy the peace and tranquility while admire the snowy landscape of Iceland.

What do you think about these 3 places to travel in December? Have you ever been to any of these cold destinations in Europe? Tell us what you think about our selection.

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