How to travel from Colombia to Ecuador? Plus: Things to do in Ecuador

How to travel from Colombia to Ecuador? Plus: Things to do in Ecuador

If we can think of a diverse country, featuring a wild coast, a mountainous range, lush vegetation and an island that has awaking the imagination of everyone, which country would you say? Undoubtedly…Ecuador! This tiny country is home to beautiful beaches, Andes, Amazon and of course the Galapagos. This hidden treasure has tons of things to do that can be experienced in a very short period of time. Colombia is a fascinating country, however, Ecuador it’s a very uncomfortable neighbour due to its large number of attractions, leisure options and impressive landscapes that might give some shade to Colombia. Fasten your seat belts and discover how to travel from Colombia to Ecuador.

How to get to Ecuador from Colombia?

Travel from Colombia to Ecuador

If you are wondering how to get to Ecuador from Colombia, we suggest the easiest way: Hire a holiday package to Ecuador so you won’t go through all the effort for planning the best routes. However, if you want to plan your holidays on your own, the best bet is to go straight to Ipiales. Once you there, you will need to get the bus to Rumichaca. Please note that a valid ID and passport will be required if you are seeking to cross the border.  Once in Ecuador, you’ll find yourself in Tulcán, this village it’s friendly and features a Mediterranean climate. Allow some time to explore and discover local attractions.

Things to do in Ecuador

All right, now let’s get real, if you are looking for warm beaches, Ecuador is not your destination, we suggest the Caribbean. If you are looking for impressive archaeological sites, go straight to Peru or Mexico. However, if you want to discover impressive nature, superb landscapes dotted of volcanoes and lagoons, stay in old haciendas in the highlands or explore beautiful colonial cities, Ecuador is your next destination.

Getting aboard Quito-Guayaquil train

Considered one of the great civil engineering works in America, getting aboard the Andean railroad is undoubtedly a lovely experience. 250 million dollars has cost to recondition this railroad and after years of neglect, nowadays it works for the main tourist route, and we suggest the experience. The most spectacular stretch is the Devil’s Nose, but the route from Quito to El Boliche is impressive as well, as you can see up to 10 volcanoes on the way. Certainly, a ride aboard the train is a lovely experience for a reasonable price and good service.

Enjoy a horse ride through the Cotopaxi

We can describe the experience with one word: Fantastic. The Cotopaxi is one of the tallest volcanos of Ecuador as well as the tallest active in the world. Being the second tallest volcano of a country is already impressive but its shape it’s simply fantastic, it has the perfect cone and it’s crowned by eternal ice. Let’s face it, you may not be in the mood or in shape to climb the 5,897 meters to reach the summit, but how about enjoy a horse ride next to laschagras? Riding with local cowboys across the barren and glance the infinite fields of the high plateau, feeling the wind and cold of the heights as the volcanoes loom on the horizon, certainly a lovely experience.

Bathe in exquisite hot springs: Termas de Papallacta

A country full of volcanoes is also rich in hot springs. Termas de Papallacta is the famous, clean and well-conditioned hot-springs in the country. Furthermore, it’s easily reachable from Quito. Enjoy bathing with the pleasant breeze blowing over the hot water surface. If you are lucky enough for visiting the hot springs on a clear day, you can bathe while admiring the snowy Antisana. Curiously, the water, despite being thermal, is transparent and does not smell like sulfides.

Discover the Galapagos

It’s true that each island is different, so if you don’t have enough time or budget for exploring all, it’s better to choose the best option for your taste. If you want to enjoy the wildlife and soak up the sun in a beautiful white sand beach, the best bet is to visit Santa Cruz Island. On the other hand, for intrepid hikers, we encourage you to explore Isabela Island. Whatever pursuits pique your interest, just allow some time for exploring the unspoiled landscape and interact with impressive creatures that amazed Charles Darwin.

Swim in the Pacific Ocean and discover Salinas

There is nothing quite like opening the door to a fabulous suite with impressive views of the Pacific Ocean. And if you have booked all inclusive holidays in Ecuador all your worries quite literally melt away. Once you arrived in Salinas, you can simply kick back and enjoy everything this impressive destination has to offer. Whether you are planning to bask on the Chipipe beach or stroll along the promenade, Las Salinas is the perfect spot. This resort features a large array of leisure activities to keep you entertained all day long. Furthermore, in Salinas, you’ll find lots of clubs, pubs and sports venues.

Sleep in a beautiful “hacienda”

Haciendas are the large estate of Ecuador. Many have been converted into cosy and charming rural hotels. Beautiful home, with garden and interesting history, are some of its most remarkable features on most of them, some are new construction with ancient reminiscent that blend to perfection with the stunning landscapes.

Exploring the Ecological Reserve of Cotacachi – Cayapas

Cotacachi – Cayapas is one of the most visited attraction due to its proximity to Quito. The protected area includes the Cuicocha volcano and the lagoon of the same name, formed by the flooding of one of the secondary craters of the volcano. It’s definitely a nice way to enjoying nature and trek as you admire spectacular surrounds. The route is about 5 hours so no worries, there is a restaurant very close to the lagoon.

Visiting Quito: Explore, eat and sleep well in the city.

The bustling and exciting capital of Ecuador has a lovely restaurant, impressive hotels and beautiful areas to explore. Although unknown for a long time, Quito has reinvented itself and has become a lovely and demanded location in South America. The capital of Ecuador is a jewel with centuries of history; it was the first place in the world declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that its centre if full of impressive, interesting and historical areas. Located at 2,800 meters above sea level, the city is surrounded by huge volcanoes and mountains that you can see from its numerous viewpoints.

The Church of the Society of Jesus, known colloquially as “La compañía” is probably one of the most beautiful buildings in South America. So you cannot miss the opportunity of visiting it. In addition, you can allow some time to explore the Chapel of Man, the church of St. Francis and Carondelet Palace. Also, don’t forget that the best area for eating and sleeping is undoubtedly Calle Ronda.

La Ronda is a historic neighbourhood of Quito. In it, you will find many craft workshops located in old colonial houses, but perhaps it is more interesting to visit it when the sun comes down. The area is full of restaurants and pubs, perfect for trying local cuisine and drinks like the “canelazo”… we won’t tell you what is it, you have to discover it.

Visit the Half the world

Ecuador is called Ecuador because it crosses the equatorial line…DUH! Obviously, everyone wants to reach that point so the local authorities have created a small monument in the 0º 00 ’00’ ‘ latitude. It doesn’t worth much, but if it catches you close, you can have the typical picture: one foot in the northern and the other foot in the southern hemisphere.

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