Things to do in The Ebro Delta: 5 fabulous plans in Ebro Delta.

Things to do in The Ebro Delta: 5 fabulous plans in Ebro Delta.

The Ebro Delta Natural Park, located in Tarragona, is one of the most beautiful places in Catalonia. Its mile-long beaches, its rice paddies extending to infinity, its network of roads and, of course, the majestic Ebro River forms a unique landscape. If you are planning to visit it, in this post we will make it easier. Here are 5 suggestions on things to do in the Ebro Delta and some practical information to organise your getaway.

Things to do in The Ebro Delta

Birdwatching in the lagoons

Birdwatching is a fabulous opportunity to admire all type of birds throughout the year. Of course, depending on the season you will find different species of birds. Some of them have stable colonies there, like the colourful flamingos or elegant egrets, and others are only visible in the Delta during the summer season (imperial heron, heron crab) or winter (albatross, large cormorant).

Strolling along Punta del Fangar

The Ebro Delta Natural Park houses several protected areas with restricted access in some areas. One of these protected areas is Punta del Fangar, a peninsula, in the north of the Delta where they usually nest terranes and seagulls. The most striking of this place is its desert aspect, with its peculiar mobile dunes extending along 6 km by the sea.

Sailing on the Ebro

Things to do in The Ebro Delta

A fun way to discover the Ebro, from a more adventurous point of view, is to navigate the river by kayak or canoe. The calm waters of the Ebro allow you to contemplate the landscape, approach the river bank and stop on the beaches and enjoy a bath with peace of mind. With more than 116 km navigable, from the natural reserve of Flix to the same Ebro Delta, you will discover fabulous zones.

Eat a good rice

The rice of Delta del Ebro is one of the three places in Spain with Denomination of Origin Protected (D.O.P). The rice fields, these enormous fields flooded with water that are lost in the horizon, are the main protagonists of the landscape and have transformed the life in Ebro Delta since the XVII Siecle. Especially for humans and birds. This area is famous for its delicious dishes, where rice is the main protagonist. Don’t miss the chance to try a delicious paella or black rice.

Contemplate the spectacle of kitesurfing

One of the places you must visit is Playa del Trabucador, a 6 km long beach that stretches from the south of La Tancada to Punta de la Banya, a restricted access area. This beach is unique for several reasons. Firstly, the sea baths the East and West, so when you stroll along the beach you see the sea on both sides. Secondly, in some areas, it’s really narrow… about 50 meters separate their two banks. But the main spectacle is the kitesurfing. If you want to practice this sport, on the area you will find numerous schools that offer kitesurfing classes for beginners.

Here our selection with 5 fabulous Things to do in The Ebro Delta. Have you ever been to this beautiful are? Comment!

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