Things to do in Scotland: Fabulous activities in the United Kingdom

Things to do in Scotland: Fabulous activities in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the most demanded tourist destination in the world. Although, most visitors usually carried by London, its capital. However, Scotland, in the north, has so much to offer: history, culture, wonderful landscapes and delicious gastronomy.

In that green and mysterious land of an overwhelming nature is Scotland. A country, full of valleys, steep mountains, lochs, rivers of crystal water and breathtaking cliffs. Are you ready to discover the top things to do in Scotland? If so, give yourself a first class trip! To plan your trip, we present you the list of the essential things to see in Scotland.

Things to do in Scotland

Explore the highlands

Things to do in Scotland

The Munros, the more than three hundred mountains that exceed a thousand meters. Mountains that stand majestically in the landscape. Close to the base of Tay River, the longest in Scotland, you can explore and discover remote landscapes. Furthermore, this region is famous for its wildlife and stunning spaces to photograph. At the end of the day, why not enjoy a delicious picnic in a cosy cabin on the same mountain.

Discover the mysteries of the Scottish Lochs

Lochs are bodies of water similar to lakes, but they can also be arms of the sea that extend inland. The imposing nature of Scottish landscapes hides more than 30,000 loachs. We suggest you explore the Lake Menteith, from which you can do all kinds of water activities such as Canoeing, rafting, kayaking or water walking balls.

Jumping from island to island across the Scottish coast

The 11,800km stretch of coastline that flows through Scotland gives way to much. Its 700 islands hide the most wonderful views of the country. From the Orkneys in the north to the Outer Hebrides and the Argyll region and its islands in the west, you can explore these magical islands. Although undoubtedly the place of honour is Skye, the “mist island”, the largest and most famous of the Inner Hebrides.

Count ghosts in the castles and fall in love in their gardens

Although the castle of Eilean Donan is one of Scotland’s most iconic places, the rest of castles have always had an interesting story to tell. The southern region of the country is also rich in castles and fortresses because of its warlike past, and especially in Galloway, where the climate have allowed magnificent gardening. The grounds of Kennedy Castle, Caerlaverock Castle, a medieval fortress with a curious triangular layout with a moat, or enjoy the wonderful views of the rolling countryside of the Borders that can be appreciated from the restored walls of Hume Castle are many of the Wonders of this area of the country.

Drink whisky

Whisky, known in Gaelic as “uisge beatha”, meaning water of life, has the national drinking recognition in Scotland, where it has been part of Scotland’s everyday routine since immemorial times. Throughout the country, there are more than 100 distilleries, and each region has its specific characteristics, so it would be unthinkable to leave the country without trying it.

The Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh has a unique lounge, exceptional food and a magnificent location. The whole experience consists of five different spaces including an exclusive room that houses the world’s largest private collection of Scotch Whisky. Also, you can visit the distillery, and see the process of elaborating the precious elixir, while listening to stories about this magical art and taste the most precious flavours.

Here our selection with things to do in Scotland, have you ever been to Scotland? Would you like to add something else? Comment!

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