Things to do in La Guajira: What makes La Guajira unique?

Things to do in La Guajira: What makes La Guajira unique?

La Guajira is one of the 32 departments of Colombia. Located in the extreme north of the country, La Guajira is a distant, isolated, conflictive peninsula that penetrates the Caribbean and share areas with Venezuela. This peninsula, almost deserted, is full of beautiful areas, mostly provided by its calm sea and a small green oasis. Cradle and home of the Wayuu culture, children of the earth and rain, where reality is confused with fantasy and where are woven artistic hammocks, backpacks and other beautiful craftsmanship.

What makes La Guajira unique? Many things! The first is that in just a sigh passes from the humid tropical rainforests of the Sierra Nevada and Tayrona territory to a desert territory that resembles the Spanish Cabo de Gata. If you want to discover this isolated land, we suggest you check out the following post and discover top things to do in La Guajira. Check it out!

Things to do in La Guajira

Firstly, we suggest you visit the Capital of this department, Riochacha. The capital of La Guajira is a big and shabby city where the “vallenato” sounds in every corner. Not surprisingly, this rhythm, one of the most famous in Colombia, was invented here. Riohacha has little to see beyond the Paseo de la Marina, a palm-fringed boardwalk, lively at night, that separates urban traffic and the huge Caribbean white-sand beaches. But it is a good place from which to plan excursions to the natural sites of La Guajira.

Alta Guajira desert  and Cabo de la Vela

One of the most beautiful and most demanded excursions is the one to Cabo de la Vela. To Cabo de la Vela are nearly 120 kilometres but the asphalt finishes in Uribia. Then comes a well-maintained track that runs parallel to the railroad line. This railroad serves to carry coal from the mines of Cerrejón to Puerto Bolivar. After that comes a road of sand and mud, where cactus reaches considerable heights. This is the Alta Guajira desert and offers one of the most striking landscapes of the country. Alta Guajira Desert always rank on the top things to do in La Guajira.

This is also the territory of the Wayuu, the indigenous of La Guajira. A nomadic people who have lived for centuries in these deserts herding their goats, fishing in the waters of the Caribbean and moving from side to side in search of rain, and keep the water in wells called jagüeyes. The Wayuu are one of the most homogenous and less-acculturated ethnic groups in Colombia. The people from this tribe are rough, hard, and reluctant to talk to strangers. The Wayuu have resisted this wild corner with very few changes in their lifestyle.

After 3 hours travel through the wilderness you finally reach Cabo de la Vela. Cabo de la Vela is a humble area with one street that looks like the Far-West. There is electricity, but for some reason, the electrons refuse to reach this remote place, so the little lighting that exists is thanks to solar panels. There isn’t piped water either; all the waters come from tank trucks of Riohacha at the price of Dom Perignon. But, the beauty of this coastal desert attracts those tourists looking for unique experiences surrounded by impressive nature and a feeling to be back in the origins.

Mount of the Candle and Pilón de Azucar


From Cabo de la Vela you can visit the beautiful Monte la Vela (Mount of the Candle). This Mount gives a name to the Cabo, this mount has, of course, a candle shape. Or go for a swim in beautiful, solitary beaches such as Pilón de Azucar. Pilón de Azucar is a medium-sized beach with golden sands bordered by parched cliffs of great beauty. Then at dusk, you have to walk to the lighthouse, sit there and enjoy the sunset on the Caribbean. Admire the beautiful performance of colours.

Furthermore, if you want to enjoy more adventures, you can visit Punta Gallinas and Macuira National Park, located on the northern end of the peninsula of La Guajira. This National Park doesn’t offer many tourist services, however, visitors think that this area features the most beautiful sands in the Caribbean.

Are you ready to live a fabulous adventure in Colombia? If so, don’t miss the opportunity to visit La Guajira. Have you ever been to this area? Did you enjoy our post regarding Things to do in La Guajira? Comment!

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