Fun things to do in Japan: Enjoy the land of the rising sun

Fun things to do in Japan: Enjoy the land of the rising sun

Undoubtedly, Japan is a universe, unlike any other place you have seen before. A country that was closed to the rest of the world has to be very special. Japan is much more than the manga, retro games and otakus. It would take a lifetime to understand the Japanese, but if you only have a couple of weeks to travel there, these are the top things to do in Japan.

Fun things to do in Japan

Dress up as Geisha or wear a traditional Japanese costume.

The Geishas are a traditional Japanese artist, whose tasks are to entertain guests at parties, meetings or banquets that are exclusively female or male. Kyoto treasures the tradition of the geishas, so you can easily find a shop/centre to disguise yourself and stroll through the streets of Gion and Pontochō, the historic streets of the geishas. You should have 3 or 4 hours for makeup, dress, wig placement, photography and walk.

Take a Japanese Bath (Onsen)

The Onsen are baths of thermal water of volcanic origin that can be found across the country. Japanese Baths has exclusive areas for men and women, as you must enter to an Onsen without any clothes on. The Onsens ensures you a relaxing (and sexy) place after a day of sightseeing. Please note that if you have tattoos you are not allowed to go inside. Why? Because in ancient Japan only people belonging to the Mafia have tattoos.

Do a Karaoke

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most fun things to do in Japan. Go crazy singing your favourite songs of Heidi, Ai Shite Knights, Candy Candy… Furthermore, if you are shy, the Karaokes features individual rooms. If you want to visit a good karaoke, you can visit Karaoke Kan located at 30-8 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. This is the one that appears in Lost in Translation.

Living the world Hello Kitty

Japan is Hello Kitty’s country by antonomasia. You will find all kinds of Hello Kitty merchandising all over the country, from traditional Japanese costumes to pens, as well as millions of things. Don’t forget to stop by the Sanrio World store in Ginza, Tokyo.

Visit a Maid Cafe

They are cafeterias with waitresses dressed in maids, some dresses fusion between French maid of century XIX and the dresses that use the heroines of the animes. The target audience of these cafes are the otakus (anime and manga fans as well as video games or computer geeks) but it is fun to go and see the atmosphere.

Visit a Love Hotel

Yeap, a love hotel… as its name indicates are hotels made for love. These hotels are totally anonymous, they won’t ask for any ID and anyone will see you. The room is chosen through a vending machine or by an employee who is hidden behind a wall. In addition, if you receive a call there is no reason to worry, some rooms have background noise as if you were on the street, the metro, etc.

Eat sushi

As you are in Japan, we suggest you try the “typical food” of the country. Sushi is healthy and in Japan is very affordable. In Japan each restaurant is specialised in one type of product, ie there are restaurants specialised in sushi, others in Kobe meat, ramen, etc.

Walk through the Toriis of the Fushimi Inari temple

A Torii is a traditional Japanese gate found at the entrances of Shinto shrines, marking the boundary between profane and sacred space. In the Fushimi Inari temple, there are hundreds of Toriis donated by individuals or companies.

Dine at some theme restaurant

Tokyo has a huge variety of themed restaurants, you can go to Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant (subway Jr Shinjuku East Exit) and feel that you are in the story of Alice in Wonderland. How about visiting the restaurant that appears in Kill Bill? The Gonpachi located in Nishi-Azabu. Another interesting option is the Vampire Café, if you are a huge fan of Twilight or The Vampire Diaries, you cannot miss the opportunity for visiting this delicious restaurant.

Try a Japanese toilet

Yes, even its toilets are different from ours. With a Japanese toilet, you can warm the seat, something nice in winter. It has water jet adjustments, blow dryer, automatic flushing and much more. Furthermore, some of these toilets also come with a button that makes a noise of water so other users will not know if you fart or something worse.

Visiting a Cat Café

Seriously? A Cat Café? Yeap, in Japan Cat Cafés, are very popular. At these Cafés, you can brush and play with cats while you drinking. Please note that you pay for the hour of stay and you must wash your hands before playing with the cats.

Here our selection with the top things to do in Japan! Have you ever do any of these? Tell us if there is something else you would like to add! Comment!

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