5 Theme Parks in Colombia: Fabulous attractions for everyone

5 Theme Parks in Colombia: Fabulous attractions for everyone

Colombia is a country that offers a wide range of tourist alternatives; So year after year is visited by millions of travellers who come attracted to its large array of ecological, cultural, adventure, family and business options. On all these options we cannot fail to mention the Theme Parks, which are one of the activities that have become super popular in recent years, both locally and internationally.

So if you plan to tour Colombia and still have not chosen a destination, we present five theme parks in Colombia that can help you with your decision.

5 Theme Parks in Colombia

National Coffee Park


Located near Armenia the National Coffee Park is an attraction that you should visit if you are in Colombia. The Coffee National Park was born almost 20 years ago as an initiative of the National Federation of Coffee Growers and the Committee of Coffee Growers of Quindío. Its main objective is to show its visitors the importance of its guild for the economy of the country, without leaving aside a fundamental aspect that involves this activity: nature and its preservation.

If you visit the Park to learn more regarding the coffee culture, the first thing to visit is the Interactive Coffee Museum. After that, we suggest you visit the traditional Cafetal or the Coffee Variety Garden and go to “Casa Campesina” which represents a typical house of the area. Furthermore, the National Coffee Park features a thrilling Roller coaster, carousel, bumper cars, bumper boats, and much more. Certainly, this is one of the best theme parks in Colombia, perfect for families.

National Park of the Agricultural Culture – PANACA


PANACA’s slogan “Without a field, there is no city”, says it all. This park has managed to bring millions of national and international tourists to the activities of the countryside. The PANACA was born in 1999 in Quindío, with the objective of “… rescuing the importance and the values of the countryman, through the interactivity of man with nature and domestic zoology …”. Currently, it has another headquarters in Zipaquirá, and it’s developing a new project in Puebla, Mexico.

The first Park, located in Quimbaya between Armenia and Pereira, has eight thematic stations where you can interact with animals and feed them. Also, there are about 30-minute shows for children. Also, there are other attractions such as the “Mirador”(Balcony), restaurants and rest areas.

Chicamocha National Park


Also known as PANACHI, this park was inaugurated less than ten years ago and has become one of the main tourist attractions of Santander and the country. One of its strengths is the diversity of outdoor activities as well as the stunning views of Chicamocha Canyon. In the historical and cultural aspect, you will find the Guane Museum, with archaeological pieces of the region. The Square, with restaurants and shops of crafts, and the Monument to “Santandereanidad”.

Although if you come want to enjoy the breathtaking scenario, prepare for extreme adventures such as paragliding over the canyon, travel one or several flights in flight, or move quickly in the air, about 15m high, on the swing extreme. However, if you are coming to the park with your family and kids, there are other activities such as a cable flight for children and activities like the Goats Park, Ostrich Park, the Ice Rink or the 4D movie theatre.



Divercity is an urban theme park dedicated exclusively to children between 3 and 13 years old. The goal is to show kids how to develop in the city life, so recreate different professions and situations of adult life in which they interact. Several business partners are present here to teach young people about their role in the city and how they can get involved. The fire station, the bank, the hairdresser, the university, the hospital, the theatre, the language school, the mechanics, the bus terminal and the food court, are some of the more than 50 places where different occupations and professions.

Divercity was inaugurated in 2006 in Bogota and currently has offices in Medellín, Barranquilla and Lima, Peru. It’s the perfect plan for families with kids.



This science and technology theme park is one of the most interesting attractions in Bogota. No matter what ages, sizes, professions or interests, all who visit Maloka loves their experiential activities. Do you know how cool your brain is? Are you afraid of Earthquakes? Do you think you know enough about Colombia? Do you have any more questions? In Maloka you will surely find the answer to all of them.

Here our selection with 5 fabulous theme parks in Colombia. Do you want to add another theme park? Comment!

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