Top 5 tallest and scariest water slides in the world

Top 5 tallest and scariest water slides in the world

Summer is just around the corner, and we all want to take the most out of it. Nothing says holiday like sunshine, the beach and sliding down some scariest water slides. Luckily in our globalised world, no matter where you are you have a water park very close. Sometimes there isn’t anything better to jeep your kids entertained than a water park. Water Park provides the ingredient you need to make normal holidays a real blast! Who doesn’t love tubing down into a pool? Check out this post and discover which the top 5 tallest and scariest water slides in the world are.

Scariest water slides in the world

Tower of Power: Siam Water Park (Spain)

Top 5 tallest and scariest water slides in the world

The tower of power is the star of the park. Unfortunately, this fabulous and thrilling ride is not suitable for everyone, as you must be at least 14 years old and be at least 4, 65 foot tall. Climb to the top of the tower, admire the stunning views and deep breathe before plunge down from a vertical drop of nearly 30 meters. As if the impression of the height wasn’t enough, you will go through a transparent tunnel under an aquarium filled with sharks.

Città del Mare, Italy

On the seafront, 7 km from the village of Terrasini, The Citta del Mare is privileged located in the middle of a natural environment. It opens to the Gulf of Castellmmare, an area with a protected Marine Park. The hotel is built on steep terrain and therefore does not have a sandy beach. But the problem has been remedied by building solid wooden terraces on the rocks and access to the sea is done by steps or, if you prefer, by slides that plunge directly into the sea. That’s the most fabulous feature of this park, forget about artificial pools and slide into the Mediterranean Sea.

Summit Plummet

Blizzard Beach is part of the Walt Disney World Resort theme park, one of the world’s best amusement parks, and features multiple attractions that will amuse all family members. The little ones will enjoy it like never before on “beginner” slides, miniature versions of the park’s big stars. Its main attraction is the “Summit Plummet”, a structure that allows sliding down an almost vertical slope from a height of 36 meters. All this makes it one of the best water parks in the world.

Beach Park (Fortaleza, Brazil)

In the city of Fortaleza, in Brazil, is Beach Park, a water park on the beach of the park in Aquiraz with one of the most impressive slides in the world, the Insano 135 feet high or what is the same 40 meters. The baths that have the courage to throw themselves on this water slide can reach a speed of about 105 kilometres, and the total journey is only about four seconds approximately. Certainly, this is one of the scariest water slides in the world!

Vertigo, Benidorm

The Aqualandia water park in Benidorm premiered in 2013 «VértiGo», the world’s tallest slide-capsule, with a 33-meter drop that reaches 100 kilometres per hour. VertiGo is formed by two slides-capsule, one of 33 meters in height, and another of 28 meters for the less daring. The first is the highest slide in Europe and the highest slide-capsule in the world.

The customer accesses the slide using a hermetic and transparent capsule. Under the feet of the user, there is a trapdoor that opens through a button that controls the rescuer located at the exit of the slide. Once you push the button, starts the fun.

Here our list with the scariest water slides in the world! Have you ever been to any of them? Tell us your impressions!

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