Barcelona for runners: Running routes in barcelona

Barcelona for runners: Running routes in barcelona

Every day, we are more concerned about our health; we are always trying to find the best way not only to keep fit but also to have incorporated some healthy habits into our routine. Probably, the most demanded activity for those who live in big cities like Barcelona is running. For those who are visiting the capital of Catalonia on these days maybe interested in finding the best running routes in Barcelona. So maybe this post could be interesting for you, check it out.

Running routes in Barcelona

There are many running routes in Barcelona, but if you don’t know yet which is better for you, check out our recommendations.

The beach

Running on the beach is not only good for your legs, but it is also very a fantastic route that offers a stunning landscape: The Mediterranean Sea. Simply imagine, running free, feeling the soft caress of the wind on your face, with the sound of the waves for the background. In Barcelona, we have the Barceloneta and some other urban beach that you are worth for this purpose, especially in non-summer months where they are filled with tourists and you will have to be around people constantly.

Parc de la Ciutadella

Probably, Parc de la Ciutadella is the most important park in Barcelona, not only for its dimensions but also for its large leisure offer. This park is HUGE, perfect for deep breaths and for practising sports. This park comes with a large number of green open spaces perfect for enjoying a nice running session.


If you want to disconnect and run while and free, we suggest you go straight to Collserola Park. This mountain rises over Barcelona offering the perfect spot not only for enjoy the silence and a nice running session but also to admire the beautiful forests of Barcelona. Collserola has several routes for all type of runners and it’s one of the best Running routes in Barcelona.


Montjuïch has a very interesting advantage: Several kilometres of road. Running on the sidewalks of this emblematic mountain of Barcelona can be a nice experience, however, the bad thing is that is not a plain terrain, it has numerous ups and downs that perhaps exhaust you much faster than you think.


If you are staying near Diagonal, and you do not want to make long journeys to go running, this long avenue can save your life. The central part of the Diagonal is wide and you can run for kilometres with absolute tranquillity, simply stopping when the traffic light is on red.

Cervantes Park

It presents the problem that it is quite far from the centre of Barcelona, ​​in the upper zone, nevertheless, the beautiful surroundings and peaceful atmosphere worth the effort. Cervantes Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the city, with extensive gardens and beautiful flowers, provide one of the best running routes in Barcelona.

So, this is our propositions: 7 fantastic running routes in Barcelona. Unfortunately, the city suffers from a lack of green areas where running is easier, and many choose to use the sidewalks of the streets for that purpose. Tell us what you think about our routes! Comment!

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