The best restaurants in Medellin: discover the most delicious options

The best restaurants in Medellin: discover the most delicious options

The Colombian flavors are conquering the world. Every day is common to hear that Colombian chefs won international prizes.  Medellin is famous not only for its soaring peaks and for being the “stronghold” of Pablo Escobar, the second largest city of Colombia, is one of the best metropolises of the country. Delicious food scene, Medellin offers fabulous restaurants that no one can skip while spending holidays in the country. Take a look at our fabulous selection of restaurants in Medellin.

The best restaurants in Medellin: discover the most delicious options.

La Provincia

The modern and elegant atmosphere, attached to delicious food and fabulous service, those are the main characteristics of this fabulous restaurant in Medellin. The specialty of the restaurant is the Mediterranean cuisine with an oriental touch. Each dish is made with fresh ingredients with the best quality and all of them are served in a very creative way, reason why this restaurant always ranks at the top of any list of the best restaurants in Medellin.


Mondongo’s is one of the most beloved restaurants in Medellin since its doors opened in 1976. The owners named this restaurant after one of the best “Paisa Dishes”: The Mondongo. Make sure you are hungry when visiting this restaurant, also forget about everything you think you know about Colombian food. The success of this restaurant is the quality of its dishes and its proposals: typical Colombian food with fresh ingredients. Undoubtedly, Mondongo’s is one of the best restaurants in Medellin.

El Cielo

This restaurant opened its doors in 2006 very close to the famous park of the city, the Park Lleras. Since that day, this restaurant rapidly became a reference in the city, a beloved restaurant by both locals and holiday makers. The restaurant boasts a rustic design, which pays tribute the traditional homes of the “Paisas”.

The main decorative elements are leather and wood. Another remarkable characteristic of the restaurant is that they just use organic products from small farms, as the owner appeal to the fair trade. In addition to its “heavenly food”, the restaurant offers a large list for “Boutique Wines” from the best wineries. Please note, this restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Medellin if you want to enjoy its delicious proposal you need to book a table prior your arrival.

Here our list with a delicious proposal! If you are planning to visit this beautiful city don’t miss the opportunity to try any of these restaurants. Tell us what you think about our selection of the Best Restaurants in Medellin. Have you ever been to any of them? Would you like to add any other restaurant? Comment!

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