Planning Summer Holidays

Planning Summer Holidays

Are you planning your summer holidays? If you want to visit Spain, you must spend a few days in Barcelona.

In this post we are going to recommend you some party and discotheques activities to enjoy the Catalan night, as well as the great variety of accommodation and coastal activities you can do there. This Mediterranean environment city is very special because of its magical aroma. Everyone who visits it will fall in love.

Are you interested? Well, pay close attention and do not miss a single detail.

Party halls and dances activities

Next, we will show you the coolest party rooms in the city where you will have a great time. Of all types of music, atmosphere and style, Barcelona nightclubs have a different and enigmatic charm.


Located on the seafront, Opium is one of the key discotheques in the city where you can enjoy house and commercial music of the moment. Its terrace adds value to the local and relaxation area.


Great room and, also, mythical of Barcelona. With a total of 5 rooms and a very cosmopolitan and eclectic atmosphere, Razzmataz gives a different stroke to the classic and modernist Barcelona. With concerts and all kinds of music, this room is ideal for all types of public who resides and also who visits Barcelona.

Bikini Room

Another of the most famous nightclubs in Barcelona, Sala Bikini is a must see on Catalan night. Youth and debauchery offers the best commercial and Latin music of the moment, so you won’t stop moving the skeleton.

Where to stay

In a city you are visiting, it’s good knowing what you are going to see, but, also, it’s good already knowing where to stay. This last thing is very important, and that is because:

– Eixample: located in the center of the city, Eixample is one of the neighborhoods that bring more activities and connectivity. We recommend you to visit Mercedes Heritage.

– Gràcia: This is a libertine and bohemian neighborhood which every tourist falls in love with, and once you visit it, you will understand why. It counts with lots of bars and places to enjoy good beer.

– Barceloneta: The perfect neighborhood to enjoy the beach atmosphere of Barcelona. Between tradition and trendiness, Barceloneta is one of the hybrids more rooted to the Barcelona culture.

Water activities on Barcelona beaches

Another of the activities you can do in Barcelona is the water ones offered by companies in the city.


Feel the sensation of flying in the middle of the sea with water-propelling shoes and do a lot of acrobatics as if you were a free dolphin.

Initiation to the Sail

Find your baptism by fire like a good lover of the sail and walk by the Catalan coasts enjoying its wild and elegant beauty.


Jump on the waves and laugh with your group of friends while riding a speed boat on the coast of Barcelona.

What do you think of these ideas?

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