The perfect spot for holiday makers: Places to visit in Portugal

The perfect spot for holiday makers: Places to visit in Portugal

Medieval castles, cobbled streets, stunning beaches, charming towns and beautiful cities, undoubtedly, Portugal is the perfect spot for holidaymakers. Country of sailors, merchants, explorers, and adventurers, the ancient Lusitania has a large and fabulous history inversely proportional to its small dimensions. The historical legacy of Portugal, inherited by its numerous towns and cities, as well as its year-round pleasant climate, good gastronomy at low prices and lush forests, make Portugal a perfect place to travel without hurry. If you are going to visit Portugal we suggest you take a look at these 5 fabulous places to visit in Portugal.

Places to visit in Portugal.


The old, melancholy, historical and beautiful Lisbon is the perfect starting point to any tour of Portugal. Lisbon enjoys a beautiful location on the banks of the Tagus in the Atlantic. The hills that surround it are covered by old houses that seem to cling to them. If you visit the top of the hills across the narrow alleys you will enjoy breathtaking views of the city.

Don’t miss the chance to listen to the sad “Fados” that emerge from the taverns of the historic neighbourhood of La Alfama. Enjoy a good dinner and party until the sun comes up over Bairro Alto. Visit San Jorge Castle, La Baixa (downtown), Plaza del Comercio, and take the legendary “Tram 28” to visit the most emblematic neighbourhoods of the city. Furthermore, don’t miss the chance of visiting the Tower of Bethlehem and the Monastery of Jerónimos, two of the most beautiful places in the capital.


If Lisbon has a decadent and melancholy air, Porto seems to have remained anchored in the early 20th century, certainly, in its unique atmosphere is where its charm resides. Enjoy a pleasant stroll along its historic centre and admire the beautiful houses of La Ribeira, where the Duero River flows. Certainly, a city that must be on anyone’s list for the best places to visit in Portugal.

Discover its beautiful bridges and try the delicious fish at any of its numerous restaurants along the beach of Matosinhos. If you are a Harry Potter fan don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a delicious coffee on the second floor of the famous Lello & Irmão bookstore. This bookstore is considered one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. It is said that it was here where J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter’s author, took the inspiration to give life to the magician.


Sun and stunning beaches attract numerous holidaymakers from northern Europe to this region blessed with a pleasant climate year-round. But it’s true that the Algarve offers much more than that. Firstly, it’s advisable to visit the capital, Faro as it’s an area that seems stalled in the 18th century. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Sagres. The city is famous for its fifteenth-century fortress and the mythical Cape St. Vincent, the place from which the great King Henry the Navigator launched his exploratory expeditions that brought so much glory and wealth to the Portuguese crown. In addition to its beautiful and historical sites, Algarve offers delicious culinary options.


The island of Madeira, lost in the Atlantic, is a natural paradise. Mountains and cliffs upholstered in green, natural fountains, stunning beaches, secluded coves and green meadows. Add to picturesque villages and delicious gastronomy based on the fresh fish of the Atlantic and you will want to make this island your home.

Firstly, we suggest you visit its capital, Funchal, with the descents of its steep streets mounted in a sort of basket of wicker. Explore the inland mountains of the island, which it’s an area similar to the Scottish Highlands. Madeira features beautiful beaches, some of them unspoiled, perfect for a romantic getaway for rekindling the flame.


Finally, the beautiful city of Cascais. The city features a fabulous location next to Estoril. Estoril served as the summer residence of numerous European monarchs between the decades of the 30 and 50 of the last century. Today its exclusivity has declined considerably but still a beautiful summer resort for the upper-middle class. Stroll along its quiet streets, visit the port, enjoy a delicious ice cream in the historic Santini or practice windsurfing and surfing on the nearby beaches of its Atlantic coast. Thanks to its convenient location, only 25 km away from Lisbon, Cascais is the perfect spot for disconnect from the bustle and hustle of the city.

So, as you can see Portugal is a beautiful country with numerous attractions. Here our selection of the most beautiful places to visit in Portugal. Have you ever been to Portugal? Did you visit any of these places? Comment!

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