The most beautiful natural pools close to Barcelona

The most beautiful natural pools close to Barcelona

In the middle of the forest, in an area hidden from the crowd or, at some point of the numerous rivers throughout the territory, you can find beautiful and natural pools. Areas, and let us be corny, of unbeatable beauty. Perhaps because unlike some beaches, in these areas the footprint of the man is not evident, at least not yet. Join us on this journey through the most beautiful natural pools close to Barcelona. We invite you to enjoy them, as well as of course, respect them and help us to keep them well-preserved.

The most beautiful natural pools close to Barcelona

Ponds of the Borró

The four staggered ponds that the Borró River offers us are the points where this stream, mostly subterranean, appears to the surface. The inhabitants of Sales and the nearby municipalities have always enjoyed this beautiful natural pool during the hot summers of the Alta Garrotxa.

If you just want to visit the lowest, you can go to Sales and follow the indications along the road. On the other hand, if you want to reach the upper and deeper pond, called the Gorg Blau, you will need a map of specialised hiking or simply ask the hunters. Furthermore, you can always ask a local, but not everyone likes that outsiders enjoy this magical place and quiet.

Gorg Blau

The most beautiful natural pools close to Barcelona

Between Oix and Montagut, in an area quite popular among climbers and hikers, you will find the Gorg Blau. An impressive waterfall with a natural pool at the foot, a pool of icy water and a blue intense that it’s impossible to look away. If you want to enjoy beautiful natural and quiet areas, Gorg Blau is the perfect location for you.

Niu de l’Àliga

Niu de l’Àliga features an idyllic location in the natural surroundings of Alcover in Alt Camp. The water of this small but beautiful waterfalls comes directly from the river Glorieta. For years, the water of this river served to move mills and ended up creating this raft surrounded by lush vegetation. Niu de l’Àliga earn its name from the prominent rock that rises. If you want to visit this beautiful natural pool, you must follow a hiking trail. Don’t worry the trail is suitable for all audiences.

Wells of Torrent de la Cabana

Pisu Fiter

The wells of Campdevànol, very close to Ripoll, are the most beautiful natural pools close to Barcelona. When you there you will understand why. As you follow the route, known as “Itinerary of the wells”, you will find numerous wells with their natural pools. In 2015, the Congress approved a new law, with the aim of preserve the area and for the moment, bathing isn’t allowed. Nevertheless, the route and the landscape worth the effort.

Cala Bramant

Also known as Cala de Los Enamorados. This small cove is sea enclosure that forms a small natural pool. This area is just perfect to enjoy the silence and disconnect from everyday routine. Furthermore, Cala Bramat features breathtaking views of Llançà, Port de la Selva and Cap de Creus.

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