Scintillating Tour of Maharaja Express Train

Scintillating Tour of Maharaja Express Train

Traveling in Trains has some swag in India. It is never a smooth journey and always tosses the prediction outside its sleeper window seats. However, Indian trains’ insanity takes a great twist when it comes to luxury trains. In my opinion, Maharaja Express train is by far the grandest of the lot! The reasons are plenty for my deposition. It is just not about the grandeur of the train, the sagas related to the desi names given to the coaches or the perfect services delivered by the butlers. Maharaja Express train gains a magnitude of the soul by the list of places it takes its riders into. Maybe the sumptuousness of the train is such global that many times the local bliss gets overshadowed. But not today. Let us delve into the remarkable tour of this combined beauty and beast out of its five.

Indian Panorama Tour

This one is my personal favorite given my inclination towards the depth of the society and history. The tour starts from the Mughal and Sultanate artistry of Delhi monuments. One can get the glimpse of a panoramic view of the entire city from the minarets of Jama Masjid. The other good thing about the Delhi forts and monuments is visiting people always show tremendous thirst of knowledge of the place.

Boarding the Maharajas Express train from Delhi after a triumphant tour of Delhi feels like a sweet desert. The next place that comes is Jaipur and oh my world! Look out for your jaws that they must not drop in the midst of all the colorful houses you see. Pink city indeed, that same jaw helps to say! Hawa Mahal and Amer takes you to a smooth ride of the past Hindu Rajput rulers. While you are in the state of Rajasthan never forget to take a stride in the sun.

These itinerary tour keepers seem very thoughtful. The planning of the trip cannot be much precise with an exciting game drive at Ranthambore. Wildness goes for a new introduction in the National Park. After a dip in the history of India, Ranthambore not only changes the mood but also act as a recreational process.

Next, comes Fatehpur Sikri and Agra, the two places in India which are a home to history’s biggest and strongest rulers. Mughal dynasty could not have got a greater home than the fertile region of Agra. Each of you will have a different meaning for Taj Mahal. Maybe for determination, may be for a great beauty but surely its picturesque view will be etched in your heart for a long time. While you are in awe for the Taj, do get astonished by the fact the Taj Mahal is longer than Qutub Minar.

Gone the history, now welcome the temples. Temples in Khajuraho will create peace in your mind. The sheer architectural masteries of the craftsmen will leave you in wonder that vision and creativity have been a phenomenon which can be traced long back in the history books.

And finally comes Uttar Pradesh – the funny bone of the country. Not the humorous funny but the behavioral one. You will start from the world’s oldest city – Varanasi. In a numerous way, Varanasi is a unique city. It is sewn very tightly to its roots. Half the bliss of the city comes due to Ganga, a river which originates from the depth of Hindu mythology. Ghats, colours, smiles, monkeys, temples all of them will make your trip a double delight.

The last destination of what will seem a visit to the paradise in your Maharaja Express train ride comes in the form of Lucknow. You haven’t seen real royal class if you haven’t been to Lucknow. You will just adore the sweetness and the polite nature of the people there. The zesty kebabs will bring a whole new genre of taste buds in your mouth. The culture of Lucknow lives in the streets and fills you with greater inspiration to live a life you always wanted.

The Indian Panorama route in the Maharajas Express train will give you one experience that will be engraved in your mind for years to come.

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