Madrid Beach: Can you imagine a beach in Spanish Capital?

Madrid Beach: Can you imagine a beach in Spanish Capital?

Does Madrid have a beach? That would be an odd question, and for sure most people would answer with another question like… Do you know where Madrid is? Well, the truth is that Madrid doesn’t have a beach, at least not yet. Ok probably at Madrid Beach you won’t enjoy the typical atmosphere that can be enjoyed at any of the Mediterranean Beaches like in Barcelona or Valencia, however the opportunity of enjoying a fantastic beach in a top European Capital like Madrid, it’s something fabulous.

Well, sadly this beach will not be in Madrid itself, Madrid Beach location is going to be Alovera, province of Guadalajara, a couple of miles away of Madrid, so who can’t say that is not Madrid Beach? On the paper, Madrid Beach is going to be a fantastic project of the Company Rayet, which aims to create the most important water park in Europe. In addition to this incredible beach, visitors will also find numerous slides, pools and the opportunity for practising water sports, those typical in the coastline like sailing or kayaking.

Nevertheless, not everything is good news, in fact, there are many people against this project, for considering a bad decision build a park like this in Guadalajara, one of the driest areas of Spain. Water evaporation levels in summer promise to be a scandal in one of the warmest areas of the plateau; environmental groups have been against this project since its very beginning. The decision is not taken yet, as a project like “Creating Madrid Beach” is not easy and needs lots of special permits. The works are expected to be finished in a couple of years. In the same way, this complex will generate jobs and tourism to an area that is not famous and not considered relevant for tourists.

However, there is a very important question, is it necessary Madrid Beach? This is really the important question. Few countries can boast the to have the idyllic and large coastline of Spain, and Madrid inhabitants are only a few hours away from various seaside towns of the Valencian, Basque or Cantabrian coast. From the ecological point of view, without being an expert in the area, the amount of water needed to fill Madrid Beach is going to be crazy.

But above all, the doubt lies more in who will be willing to visit this fantastic complex. There are many ways to soak up the sun and not necessarily at the beach, and in a city like Madrid, we can say that the beach maybe is not that important. Also, an artificial beach like this one will need millions of visitors to generate benefits, which is something very hard to achieve.

So, our prediction is that maybe this project is nonsense, and the government should do better projects, but you never know… So, what do you think?

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