Top 9 Real Horror Film Locations perfect to spend your holidays

Top 9 Real Horror Film Locations perfect to spend your holidays

Summer has finally arrived, and we are all thinking where to escape to enjoy and unwind for everyday routine. How about few days soaking up the sun at the beach? Or hiking and practice sports in the mountains, the options are varied, right? Well, we suggest you think twice because even the best-planned holidays can end up becoming a real nightmare.

On this post, we have chosen horror movie destinations that can prove that even idyllic locations are not what they seem. Are you ready to be the protagonist of a horror flick? Check out the following list and don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy your holidays at any of these Top 9 Real Horror Film Locations perfect to spend your holidays.

Top 9 Real Horror Film Locations perfect to spend your holidays.

The Beaches of Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is the idyllic beach of Massachusetts, widely known for being a summer pilgrimage place for celebrities. However, this location has a terrifying secret: Martha’s Vineyard is home to the famous shark of “Jaws” (1975). The famous Shark that terrifies holiday makers in a film that provoked that many bathers of the time would think twice before going into ocean waters. We just want to prevent you from attacks, so be careful if you want to spend your holidays in Massachusetts.

Camp Crystal Lake

How about spending your summer in a summer camp? Adventures, outdoor activities and a beautiful lake perfect for a swim, sounds great, isn’t it? But there is a camp that you better skip. If you get an offer of an idyllic paradise called Camp Crystal Lake, it’s better to turn down that offer. According to a local legend, there is a guy with a hockey mask pretty angry with the world. His name is Jason, and he is out of control, as we could see in ‘Friday the 13th’ (1980). So, unless your favourite activities have something to do with survival, we encourage you to stay away from this camp.

Shutter Island

We all like to add a touch of excitement to our travels. Exciting activities is what makes the difference between holidays and unforgettable memories. Maybe visit some abandoned place or, why not, a psychiatric located in a strange place that we saw in ‘Shutter Island‘ (2010). You know for some reason all who enter this island end up staying… sometimes even against their will.

Bodega Bay

How about spending your holidays in a beautiful and isolated area of the Pacific Ocean? Explore secret coves surrounded by the deep blue sea and beautiful natural landscape. All that sounds idyllic, isn’t it? You can enjoy this idyllic area in a beautiful corner of Bodega Bay. Nevertheless, Bodega Bay has a problem, and no, is not in the water, the problem comes from the sky, mainly because the birds can spoil your fantastic holidays, as the master Hitchcock showed us in “The Birds” (1963).

The surroundings of Burkittsville

Are you one of those who loves outdoor activities such as hiking? If so, Burkittsville is another suitable place for quiet rest. Burkittsville is a small village surrounded by lush forests with little birds, streams and ancient legends that tell a story of witches who kidnap and murder people. Okay, maybe this last bit is not what suits you, so unless you want to end up in an independent movie, like the protagonists of “The Blair Witch Project” (1999) we encourage you to skip this area.

The Overlook Hotel

We are aware that it’s a beautiful hotel surrounded by breathtaking scenery and, in summer, offers numerous possibilities. But don’t be fooled by appearances, the Overlook of “The Shinning” (1980) may be one of the most crowded hotels that you’ve ever been to. And that doesn’t mean that all its guests are alive.

Henry Treat Rogers Mansion

The truth is that when it comes to finding accommodation, moviegoers have it very complicated because when it’s not a house built over an Indian cemetery could be the place of a tragic event or a house full of a poltergeist. Certainly, it’s hard to find a cosy residence, because most of the time ends up becoming a horror house. Examples are many, but this time we want to talk about the atmosphere recreated in “The Changeling” (1980), which filmed a good part of its scenes in the Henry Treat Rogers Mansion. A place you wouldn’t want to book unless you want to spend your night with Joseph Carmichael.

The Hewitt House

Fancy becoming a cowboy for a day? No? Ok, let’s face it the Far West isn’t a safe place for holidays because of the outlaw loose around. In recent times, the state of Texas isn’t appealing to the traveller, as it houses some of the most disturbed characters in film history: The Leather face of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (1974) or Anton Chigurh, The protagonist of ‘No country for old men’ (2007). Therefore, we suggest you stay away from the former Hewitt house. Remember, better safe than sorry when chainsaws are involved.

Bran Castle in Transylvania

If there is a place in the world associated with mystery, undoubtedly that is Transylvania. Why not spend your holidays at the home place of Count Dracula, the Bran Castle, at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains? The area has been reflected in countless times by the cinema, but to dissuade you from approaching everything that smells of castles, we refer you to the 1922 masterpiece ‘Nosferatu’. And if you still decide to travel to Transylvania, don’t forget the garlic and the wooden stakes.

Here our Top 9 Real Horror Film Locations perfect to spend your holidays. Do you dare to spend your holidays at any of them? Comment!

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