Holidays in Alaska: Fabulous places to visit in Alaska

Holidays in Alaska: Fabulous places to visit in Alaska

Do you want to spend your next holidays in Alaska? Located in the Northwestern area of North America, Alaska is one of the most attractive states in the United States. Do you dare to discover it? Below you will find the best tourist destinations in Alaska. Undoubtedly, Alaska is a territory where nature is the main protagonist.

Holidays in Alaska

Prince William Sound Glaciers

Certainly, majestic glaciers characterise Alaska. Many of them are located in the town of Prince William Sound. In it, you can see walls of more than 5 meters in height. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a lovely cruise aboard a ferry on the calm waters of Prince William Sound. On the cruise, you will see the numerous natural wonders of Alaska as well as top marine environments.

Fjords of Kenai

This national park is one of the most extraordinary natural wonders of North America. In Kenai, you can observe more than 30 glaciers and a significant amount of native fauna such as seals, humpback whales, killer whales, sea lions, bears among many other species. This park was created in 1980 to protect the unique natural environments of Alaska. Snow and ice cover more than the 50% of park’s surface. But, the cherry on top is the opportunity to visit the Harding Icefield. This ice field is one of the only four ice fields in the United States.

Native Heritage Centre

If you want to learn more about the culture of Alaska, you cannot miss the Native Heritage Centre. In this educational and cultural centre, you will have the opportunity to meet indigenous people and appreciate the customs and traditions of Alaska. The Heritage Centre has a large number of exhibitions so visitors can understand more about the traditional and contemporary ways of the state’s indigenous cultures.


It’s one of the largest cities in Alaska. One of its greatest attractions is The Misty Fiords National Monument. This natural park is made up of small glaciers, mountains and abundant vegetation. In Ketchikan, you can also visit more than 80 wooden totem poles and taste local delicacies such as crab or smoked salmon.

Kobuk River

The Kobuk River is one of the most important rivers in Alaska. On this lake, you can practice kayaking and other adventure sports like rafting. Kobuk is located in the Kobuk Valley National Park; if you are a nature lover, you have the opportunity to camp in its surrounding forests and observe local wildlife. The park is home to a large number of Grizzly bears.

Matanuska Glacier

The Matanuska Glacier is conveniently located between Anchorage and Glennallen. It can be accessed with a guide service that will provide you with all the necessary equipment for the ascent, such as helmet, crampons and trekking poles.


Kasilof is a small fishing village. Located on the banks of the river of the same name, it’s a perfect place to fish and camp during the summer months. Kasilof is the ideal place for relaxing and practising all kind of outdoor sports. Certainly, this area is perfect if you want to spend your holidays in Alaska surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

Tikchik Park

It’s the largest natural park not only in Alaska, also in the country. Located in the South of the country, Tikchik Park is one of the most important tourist sites in the territory. In the lagoons of Tikchik Park, you can practice salmon fishing and various water sports. Certainly, if you want to enjoy beautiful landscapes, extensive areas of lake beaches, numerous trails and stunning hillside, you cannot miss the chance to enjoy a great adventure in south-west Alaska.

Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights


Did you know that Alaska receives more sunlight in summer and spring than any other area in the world? In the northernmost area, the sun doesn’t set for more than 2 months In contrast, the last month of autumn and the beginning of winter, the sun never rises above the horizon. Furthermore, like Norway, Alaska is one of the best places to observe the Aurora Borealis. In October you can make the best sightings of this peculiar phenomenon. Also, if you want to observe this spectacle in style, you can book your accommodation in a hotel that features hot springs.

Here our selection with the best places to visit to spend unforgettable holidays in Alaska. Have you ever been to Alaska? Comment!

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