A Visit to the gold museum of Bogota, heritage of Colombia

A Visit to the gold museum of Bogota, heritage of Colombia

A Visit to the gold museum of Bogota allowed you to immerse yourself in the rich and magical prehispanic spirit of Colombia. Although historically Colombians inhabitants are a blend of cultures, the country itself has a strong indigenous essence. The gold museum of Bogota highlights the richness and traditions of the civilisations that inhabited the valleys and mountains of what we all known as Colombia.

The gold museum of Bogota: Understanding the Past

To understand the present culture of a country, it’s necessary to discover its cultural past. Hence it’s very important to visit museums and places that expose the traces of the human being through time. When visiting a place it’s important to understand its history, to try to learn about the exploits, the creativity and the mistakes of the past if possible. But equally about the traditions that transcend through time to become indelible.

Gold Museum: Cultural and anthropological wealth of Colombia

If you are planning a visit to the gold museum of Bogota, you have to prepare yourself to be a witness of the largest collection of pieces of gold and ceramic pre-Hispanic in the world. Thousands and thousands of objects that explain in detail the life and history of well-organized civilisations that inhabited Colombia. But, do you know who inhabited Colombian soil before the arrival of the European settlers? As in other regions of South America, the towns were organised by ethnic groups defined according to the geographical area. The Communities that lives in Colombia: Muiscas, Tolimas, Calimas, Nariño, Quimbaya, Sinú, Taironas among many others.

It’s necessary to see the exhibits in the gold museum, to understand and get an idea of the cultural identity of the country. In figures of gold and ceramics, can be seen images of everyday activities like agriculture, fishing, mining and goldsmithing. These societies, well structured, exchanged products among them with the famous “barter”.

The wealth of the exhibits is immeasurable. Some pieces of gold seem made by current jewellers, which is admirable considering the artefacts they used. The quantity and quality of the objects of the gold museum are a sign of the cultural richness of Colombia.

Collection: The gold seen differently

The building that houses the gold museum of Bogota comprises 4 floors full of rooms; Which in turn are replete with thousands of figures surviving through time, bad weather conditions and the infamous looting. Regarding the museum, gold covers all its walls as if the museums represents the legend of “El Dorado”. The Dorado that for centuries everyone looked for but no one couldn’t find it.

Seeing so much gold will give you a very strange feeling because today gold is synonymous with wealth. But it’s surprising to know that for indigenous communities, gold was a decorative element with a purely emotional value. A Visit to the gold museum of Bogota gives you a different perspective of the world, a world seen through indigenous eyes, those who believed in the strangers, who pitifully saw the world with avarice.

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