Festivals and events in Barcelona for summer

Festivals and events in Barcelona for summer

Barcelona is a vibrant city that enjoys an idyllic location with its shores bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. This fabulous city has a large leisure offer during the whole year, but it’s during the summer when it comes alive than ever. It’s always a good idea to have fun in the sea until the sun comes out over the Mediterranean. Barcelona is famous for its large number of summer festivals and events like Sónar and Cruïlla, as well as the concerts in neighbourhoods and park festivals. Are you going to spend your next summer in this beautiful city by the Mediterranean Sea? If so, check out this post with a list of the best festivals and events in Barcelona for summer.

Festivals and events in Barcelona for summer


Festivals and events in Barcelona for summer

When? June.

Sónar is famous for being the leading experimental electronic music festival in the world. This festival is famous for those who love the electronic scene, media technologies and contemporary art. This is a first class festival. During the day, it’s the scenery of numerous concerts, exhibitions, conferences and showcases. The longest concerts and most wanted attractions take place at night.

Sant Joan Nit:

When? June 23rd.

In Catalonia, the night of June 23rd, the shortest night of the year, is celebrated a big scale. If you are in Barcelona during that week you will have the chance to enjoy the great atmosphere with bonfires in the streets and fireworks displays. The party begins on the night of Sant Joan when the sun reaches its highest point, before beginning to fall. The best place to enjoy this party is at the beach. During this night, all the beaches in Catalonia are filled with people looking for fun. Fireworks, bonfires, concerts and friendly atmosphere are the main ingredients for an unforgettable night of Sant Joan.

Sala Montjuïc outdoor film festival:

When: From July to August.

This film festival offers a blend of classics and contemporary independent films. It’s a fabulous way to enjoy the long evenings of summer. The gardens of the castle transform into a fabulous outdoor cinema. It’s certainly a very good experience, you can bring your food and enjoy a picnic while watching a nice movie.

Cruïlla Barcelona

When: July.

This music festival it’s a blend of cultures and music styles. This eclectic festival is perfect for those with mixed tastes, as you can listen from pop and rock bands to R&B and reggae.  This festival gathers all elements that today can be seeing in our cities and even in our neighbourhoods. Smells, colours and melodies that roam our streets, reflecting the cultural fusion and human behaviour that is waged in our society, where music is presented as the ideal vehicle to stimulate and show direct knowledge, respect and understanding, that is what represents this festival.

Here our selection of the best Festivals and Events in Barcelona for summer. Have you ever been to Barcelona for the summer? Have you ever been to any of these festivals? Comment!

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