Exploring Tayrona Beaches: A fabulous adventure in the jungle.

Exploring Tayrona Beaches: A fabulous adventure in the jungle.

Summer is just around the corner and it is time to start exploring lovely locations like Tayrona Park. The Park is famous for its wild beauty, the diversity of its flora and fauna, its paradisiacal beaches and for its pre-Hispanic ruins. All its attractions make it an excellent destination for those looking for unique adventures, for practice water sports or simply soak up the sun. But certainly, the best experience is the opportunity for exploring Tayrona Beaches, check out our selection and enjoy a fabulous adventure in the jungle.

Exploring Tayrona Beaches

Why is Tayrona Park so spectacular? Thanks to its location.

The park comprises a stretch of the coast between the Caribbean Sea and the highest mountain in Colombia: the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, which is stick to the sea but rises to 5,700 meters. It’s the highest mountain in the world by the sea and maintains in its crests perpetual snow and several square kilometres of glaciers (Yes, there are glaciers in Colombia).

Do you understand why Tayrona is so spectacular? It’s a unique area with distinct morphology, special microclimate and a fabulous flora different from the rest of the Caribbean coast. It is one of the most beautiful coastlines of Colombia, full of excellent landscapes.

The main entrance to the Park is 31 kilometres from the city of Santa Marta along La Guajira road. On this point, you must leave your car. Please note that you can only continue by foot or on horseback along a path that goes through the rainforest, mangroves and lonely beaches.

The Caribbean Sea is famous for being smooth for sailing and with shallow waters perfect for bathing, but in this area the sea is rough. A large number of beaches are banned. In fact, it’s not prohibited to swim there. However, you will find warning signs with the number of people that have drowned on the area. The path is easy, suitable for all public, in good conditions, with wooden walkways and steps.

Only, 3.2 km from the entrance you will find the beach of Arrecifes. This beach has cabins for spend the night, camping area, services and restaurants. The beach is not suitable for bathing. If you want to swim and admire a beautiful beach you must walk a little further until beach of Arenilla. Beach of Arenilla is perfect for a refreshing bath. Furthermore, this area also features some bars and restaurants. Another fabulous area is La Piscina, a reef-reposed Bay wrapped in a scenic landscape of large rounded rocks of granite, white sand and lush vegetation that reaches to the sea.

At 4 kilometres from Arrecifes, you will reach the end of the trail: Cape San Juan. This is the most beautiful and photographed area of the park. Here you will find lovely bays, perfect for baths and soak up the sun. The area features a camping area with restaurant and services. Furthermore, Cape San Juan has a circular wooden lookout that penetrates the sea, and from where you get the best panoramic views of these mountains crowned by perpetual snow. Certainly, this area provides one of the great natural scenarios of Colombia.

Practical information

The entrance to the Tayrona National Natural Park costs around 37,500 pesos (16 euros).  “Ecohabs cabins” are the most glamorous accommodation of the Park, with easy access by car from the main entrance. The cabins for 4 pax cost around 700,000 pesos (290 euros). The huts of the beach of Arrecifes for 5 pax can cost around 550,000 pesos (229€).

Are you ready for exploring Tayrona Beaches? If so, don’t miss this guide and enjoy the best areas of this Natural Park.

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