Explore Rosario Islands: A beautiful and odd exception on the Caribbean Sea

Explore Rosario Islands: A beautiful and odd exception on the Caribbean Sea

What do you picture when you think of the Caribbean? Paradisaical white sand beaches and turquoise waters, doesn’t it? Well, you have to know that not all the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean fit on that description, but that doesn’t necessary means they are not as beautiful. Colombia is home to one of those odd exceptions of the Caribbean, rocky beaches surrounded by coral reef and stunning turquoise waters, that place is “Rosario Islands”.

Rosario Islands are located only 1 hour away from the city of Cartagena. Rosario is an archipelago that compromises over 40 islands. It is a very important National Park of Colombia created to protect one of the most important coral reefs in the Caribbean. Colombia has so much more to offer, don’t miss the opportunity to spend unforgettable holidays in a beautiful location.

Rosario Islands: Day trip.


This day-trip is a classic trip if you are visiting Cartagena. In the morning, get yourself on a boat, direction: Playa Blanca,  the best beach close to Cartagena. This day trip is not only a fantastic option to visit other stunning areas of Colombia, but also escape from the bustle and hustle of the city and enjoy the soft breeze and the warm waters of the Caribbean. On the island, you can enjoy fresh fried fish and mojito or daiquiris while sunbathing on the beach.

Normally, these “Day-trip tours” also include a stop at the aquarium, a fantastic display of aquatic marvel. On the aquarium you can watch a fantastic dolphin spectacle, enjoy the seals show and also admire the sharks. On your way back to Cartagena, from the boat, you will admire the beautiful sunset as you leave this beautiful island behind.

Rosario Islands: Skip the day trip tour.

Most visitors reach the islands as part of tours (Day trip), but in case you want to explore deeper this beautiful location of Colombia you can always book a hotel in the island and explore it at your pace. Hotels offer is poor, because this is a protected area and in order to preserve this natural wonder the government only allows few constructions. Prices for accommodation on the islands are not cheap, but the opportunity to visit this beautiful location, worth it.

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