5 Essential Excursions near Barcelona that you cannot miss

5 Essential Excursions near Barcelona that you cannot miss

Catalonia is certainly one of the most beautiful regions of Spain. This “community” is home to the bustling city of Barcelona as well as a large number of cities and villages. Furthermore, Catalonia features top natural attractions that will make you want to explore more and more. Are you ready for your next holidays in Spain? Take a look at these 5 Essential Excursions near Barcelona that you cannot miss.

5 Essential Excursions near Barcelona that you cannot miss


Essential Excursions near Barcelona, Colonia Güell

Very close to Barcelona, in Santa Coloma de Cervelló, is the best-kept treasure of Gaudí. After discovering the visitor centre, you will discover some unique buildings created by the modernist architects of the time. Strolling along the streets of this neighbourhood is magic, you will feel like out of this time. The emblematic Güell crypt, Gaudí’s work, was discovered in the church, which could have been “a monumental model of the Sagrada Familia “if it had been finished.

What you cannot miss: The architectural and artistic innovations used by Gaudí for the first time in a unitary way. Please note the structures inspired by nature and the helical columns. The windows with coloured glass in the form of flower petals or butterfly wings or their stacks of Holy water are just perfect.


Essential Excursions near Barcelona, MONTSERRAT

Only 50 kilometres from Barcelona, Montserrat is much more than a place of pilgrimage to pray to the Moreneta. In addition to its monastery inhabited by some eighty Benedictine Monks and climbed on top of the cliffs, its surroundings, presided over by very peculiar granite massifs and constituted as a natural park. On this area, you can either practice sports or simply enjoy the breathtaking views. This beautiful monastery always ranks as an essential Excursions near Barcelona.

What you can not miss: The Museum and the New Audiovisual Space. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a thrilling ride on board of the cable car.


Essential Excursions near Barcelona, Swamp Sau

Located halfway between the Montseny and the Pyrenees, this valley fed by the waters of the Ter is perfect to admire the greenest face of Catalonia. On this area, you will enjoy breathtaking views of leafy forests, medieval villages and abundant waters.

What you cannot miss: The swamp of Sau is perfect for practising water sports or simply observe how it emerges from its waters the bell tower of the flooded town of Sant Roma. You can also visit Rupit, a beautiful town with narrow and steep streets, crowned by a castle on a rocky spur. Also, you can explore Tavertet, the charming villa that looks out over a huge cliff to Sau and the Guilleries.


Essential Excursions near Barcelona, Calella

If this Easter is good, what better than enjoy the beaches of Catalonia. It doesn’t matter if the water is not warm enough for a bath, you can always take the most out of the sunny days and enjoy pleasant strolls along the beach or simply try a nice meal in a restaurant. Calella was once an industrial town, but for half a century it has been a recognised tourist centre nestled in an area that has more than fifty kilometres of beaches.

What you cannot miss: The beach of the Anglesos of Caldes d’Estrach, with its modernist houses next to the sea, the Dunes of Santa Susanna and the Roca Grossa de Calella.


Essential Excursions near Barcelona, Llobregat

In Castellar de n’Hug you start one of the most beautiful hiking tours of Alto Berguedá. This hiking route leads to the birth of one of the most important rivers of Catalonia, the Llobregat. Here the waters flow abundantly and naturally from the rock, forming a nice waterfall. The hiking trail is easy, suitable for all public.

What you can not miss:

The walk in spring, after the thaw.

Are you ready for your next holidays in Catalonia? Check out these 5 Essential Excursions near Barcelona and take advantage of them on your next vacations.

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