Dig into Roadside Delights: Explore Some of the Best Street Food across the Globe

Dig into Roadside Delights: Explore Some of the Best Street Food across the Globe

Every country, region and city have its own speciality when it comes to street food. The fusion of spices, locally bred ingredients, the smell of freshly prepared food, surrounding cacophony and an impersonal chit-chat with the vendor – there is something about street food that is not only hard to resist but also an integral part of the culture of that region. If you happen to be a die-hard street food fan, let’s embark together on a delicious journey of exploring some of the authentic and scrumptious street food in the world.

Every avid traveller and food fanatic is happy to indulge in food tourism as it gives them a chance to roam around the streets, communicate with local people and savour the flavours of the region.

India is unarguably the land of foodies and when it comes to street food, India tops the chart. Every Indian city has its special flavours that is best reflected through its street food. Here is a list of lip-smacking street foods of India that are too delicious to resist:

Best Street Food across the Globe

1. Ahmedabad’s Dabeli: A Gujrati twist of burger, Dabeli is a “popular” street food in Ahmedabad. An Aloo Tikki sandwiched with burger buns and special Dabeli masala is garnished with roasted peanuts and pomegranate seeds.

2. Kolkata’s Kathi Roll: If you still haven’t tried the Kathi Rolls of Kolkata, you are surely missing something in life. Loaded with a filling of your choice, these rolls are appetizing and scrumptious, to say the least.

3. Delhi’s Tikki: The spicy, crispy and piping hot tikkis of Delhi are ideal to team with chole or a sweet-tangy sauce and will surely help you to beat your winter blues.

4. Mumbai’s Vada Pav: This Indian version of burger is every Mumbaiker’s solution for an on-the-go bite. The authentic taste of Vada Pav with spicy vadas and fried chillies is available only in roadside stalls at pocket-friendly prices.

5. Indore’s Poha Jalebi: A unique combo of sweet and salty, you can’t resist the urge of digging into this scrumptious street food of Madhya Pradesh.

6. Lucknow’s Tunde Kabab: If you are a hard-core non-vegetarian, you must try these heavenly pieces of meat that would simply melt in your mouth giving you a surreal taste that will linger on your palette even after you are finished gorging on it. Book your tickets now to the “City of Nawabs” to relish all this and know the status of your transit.

7. Patna’s LittiChokha: Bihar’s version of Rajasthani Dal-Bati, the dish is a combo of a spicy curry of roasted brinjal or mashed potato clubbed with small, circular balls of bread made of gram flour. Healthy and scrumptious, this traditional Bihari dish is making its way from the streets of Patna to all over India.

8. Guwahati’s Momos: Tangy spicy red sauce and steaming hot dumplings loaded with chicken or veggies is something you can’t resist as you walk past a roadside stall in Guwahati.

9. Bengaluru’s AkkiRotti: Simple, tasty and healthy, AkkiRotis are best relished with coconut chutney. It is served as a staple cuisine in street stalls of Bengaluru.

Now that we have covered a few of the popular street food of India, let’s explore the global food tourism and see some of the exotic street food from different parts of the world.

1. Hotdogs, USA: Grilled or steamed sausages put in a sliced long bun and topped with tomatoes, chillies, jalapenos and sour cream make for a perfect on-the-go snack.

2. Tacos, Mexico: A corn or wheat flour tortilla is stuffed with meat, fish or vegetables along with chopped onions, tomatoes, cucumber, cheese and lemon juice. The spicy and tangy taste leaves your palate craving for more.

3. Shawarma, Lebanon: Chunks of meat are attached to a spit and grilled slowly to retain its flavour, tenderness and juicy texture. This Levantine dish has become very popular after it was spoken about in Avengers movie.

4. Churros, Spain: Indian version of jalebis, this light and fluffy pastry is deep fried and then rolled in powdered sugar and cinnamon. Dipped in chocolate sauce, churros are simply hard to resist.

5. Indian Restaurant in London, UK: Kahani is one of the top Indian restaurants in London, serving dishes inspired by traditional Indian cuisine. Book table in the best Indian restaurant in Central London to experience top quality Indian food and the best curry in London.

Are you slurping already? Go grab a bite of these amazing street food and satiate your gastronomic cravings. Most of these dishes are so famous and delicious that you have to eat them at least once in your life.

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