Things to do in Barcelona: Top cities near Barcelona.

Things to do in Barcelona: Top cities near Barcelona.

When the Catalans say “Barcelona is molt més“(Barcelona is much more), they are right… Close to Barcelona, in the surroundings, you will find a large number of natural beauties and villages full of history and beautiful natural landscapes.

If the idea is not only to stay in Barcelona, Catalonia offers you a large array of attractions. How about climbing a mountain? Or visit beautiful cities with delicious gastronomy options. Undoubtedly, Catalonia is a fabulous region to spend your next holidays. Are you coming to Barcelona for the summer? If so, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the most beautiful cities near Barcelona.

Top cities near Barcelona.


Top cities near Barcelona

Firstly, we suggest you visit one of the most beautiful cities near Barcelona, Vic. Vic is located halfway between the sea and the Pyrenees, about 70 km from Barcelona and is the administrative centre of the region of Osona. This village is known for owning one of the most charming medieval complexes in Catalonia.

Every year, in December, the city makes a leap back into the past and becomes a large medieval market. The Medieval Mercat takes place and all the streets and squares of the old town: there are artisans, taverns and cosy stands where you can buy high-quality handcrafted products such as jewellery, leather goods and gastronomic products.


Tavertet is a village that features an idyllic location on the top of a rock. It’s considered one of the most charming villages in Catalonia. As you can imagine, thanks to its geographic location, its views are spectacular. From the top, you can admire the swamps of Sau and the river Ter.

Rupit I Pruit

In the region of Osona rises a town that will transport you immediately to the Middle Ages. Rupit I Pruit is a fabulous example of a medieval town where time seems to have stopped. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant stroll through its cobbled streets. Other places you should visit is the Church and the Castle.


This small town located in the province of Bages is certainly a fabulous place that deserves a visit. Mura keeps all its medieval charm, thanks to its cobbled streets and picturesque houses. Also, all its constructions are well-preserved thanks, to the collaboration of all its inhabitants.

Caldes de Montbui

After long days of sightseeing, it’s time for relaxing. We recommend you visit the thermal village of Caldes de Montbui. It’s not a euphemism; the waters that run underground reach 70 degrees. Thanks to the underground waters, on this town you can find the famous Roman baths.


This village, located in the region of Baix Llobregat, is focused on rural tourism, one of its main sources of income. The Hermitage of San Hilario, from Century VIII, is its bastion as well as the Church of San Pedro de Abrera and the Castle of Voltrera.

Here our selection with the top cities near Barcelona you should visit. Have you ever been to any of those? Would you like to add other cities near Barcelona? Comment!

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