The most beautiful churches in Barcelona: Top 5 churches in Barcelona

The most beautiful churches in Barcelona: Top 5 churches in Barcelona

We all know that Barcelona a fascinating city, not only for its unique sights and stunning coastline but also for its breathtaking edifications that defy all the architectural standards. This beautiful city that Gaudi transforms to its canvas features unique artworks and the churches in Barcelona are not the exception.

In order to get the most out of your holidays in this beautiful city, you must stay at least a couple of days. Are you ready to check out the most beautiful churches in Barcelona? Take a look at this fabulous list and don’t miss the most beautiful churches in Barcelona on your next visit.

The most beautiful churches in Barcelona

Sagrada Familia

Firstly, we suggest you visit one of the most important attractions in Barcelona. On any list of the best attractions in Barcelona, you will find the beautiful artworks of Gaudi, Sagrada Familia (The Holly Family). The construction of this church began in the 18th century and is not finished yet. Due to the has large dimensions and extravagant design, many people think that the Sagrada Familia is the Cathedral of Barcelona, even Antoni Gaudi call it Cathedral, but Pope Benedict XVI inaugurates the church as a basilica.

As a curious fact regarding this stunning building, Antoni Gaudi used to think that one day his beloved city would be known for its church, nearly 100 years later of these words he can rest assured that Barcelona is widely known for his artwork.

Santa Maria del Mar

churches in Barcelona

The church of Santa Maria del Mar is another wonderful edification that cannot be skipped while visiting Barcelona. This extraordinary Gothic construction was built between 1329 and 1383 by Ramon Despuig. The Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar constitutes a rare example of Catalan Gothic Architecture. Especially relevant is to mention that According to some reports, took nearly 60 years to be complete.

Templo Expiatorio del Sagrado Corazon

Finally, you can visit the beautiful church located on the summit of the Mount Tibidabo, overlooking Barcelona. Hence, this beautiful church is one of the first building you will see on your arrival in Barcelona.  The construction of the church began in 1906 by the architect Enric Sagnier I Villavecchia. Unfortunately, he died before finish it and was his son Josep-Maria Sagnier who finished it in 1961.

Here our list of the most beautiful churches in Barcelona. Have you ever been to Barcelona? Did you visit any of these churches? Did you find other beautiful church in Barcelona? Tell us what you think about this selection.

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