Cheapest way to see the northern lights: 3 fantastic affordable destinations

Cheapest way to see the northern lights: 3 fantastic affordable destinations

Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Finland…. You have numerous options where to admire this fabulous natural spectacle but none of them is cheap. Unfortunately, for us, the Northern Lights has become a business. Lots of travellers are deprived to enjoy this fabulous natural spectacle, due to its prices. However, on this post, we will tell you the cheapest way to see the northern lights so you won’t miss this amazing miracle. Check out which are the cheapest way to see the northern lights.

The cheapest way to see the northern lights

The Shetland Islands, the United Kingdom

Undoubtedly, the best moment to see the northern lights in Scotland is during autumn and winter. Scotland is one of the best spots to see the northern lights, as it’s on the same latitude as Nunivak in Alaska and Stavanger in Norway. However, Scotland is never seen as one of the important sites for admires the spectacle, so you will find better prices on both, accommodation and transportation.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Other of the top cheapest way to see the northern lights is to visit the capital of Iceland. The northern lights are one of the biggest draws to visiting this beautiful country. The best time for visiting Iceland is from November until March because during those days the nights are longer. Please note before booking your travel to Iceland, check out first the forecast and avoid “full moon” days… try to book your accommodation a few days before New Moon, so you will have a dark week ahead. The excursion to the perfect spot for admiring the Northern Lights costs around 44€ per person.

Kiruna, Sweden

Kiruna offers you the opportunity to admire the northern lights in style. This beautiful area of Sweden features a stunning landscape with majestic mountains, exciting architectural sites and the most important the opportunity to admire the northern lights. If you decided to visit the Swedish Lapland you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Camp Ripan. Camp Ripan features a fabulous spa perfect for a relaxing night after an exciting day outdoors. So, if you want to admire this unique phenomenon enjoying a relaxing bath overlooking the snowy scenery. Certainly, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Kiruna. It’s true this fabulous camping might be a little expensive, however, the normal excursion to Abisko National Park cost around 60€.

What Are The Northern Lights?

Firstly, the Northern Lights are manifestations of light and colour that appear throughout the night in the sky of the countries closest to the poles. In those countries close to the North Pole you will see the northern lights, while in the countries on the south of the globe are called as “Austral Auroras”. This natural phenomenon colours the sky with supernatural colours, impossible to forget.

How long do the northern lights last? And when is the best time to see them?

The season varies depending on each country. It’s hard to see them during the summer when days are longer. The best time to see them is during autumn and winter. All depends on the Geographical area.

Where is the best place to see the auroras?

Alaska, Canada, Iceland, Sweden or Norway are some of the privileged countries where you can see the Northern Lights, a wonder of nature. All of them are very cold countries and due to the increase of travellers, hotels with glass roofs and even igloos have been built, from which to comfortably enjoy the show lying on the bed. For more adjusted budgets, there are many tourist offices that offer guided tours to the sites most likely to see and photograph an aurora borealis. So, already know where to enjoy the Northern Lights? Would you like to add another destination? Comment!

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