Travelling on a budget: Discover Destinations for cheap holiday in Europe

Travelling on a budget: Discover Destinations for cheap holiday in Europe

If there is something we cannot deny is that we all want to visit beautiful destinations and not spend all our savings. Sometimes, if we look the correct locations and the right time it’s possible to enjoy a fabulous and cheap holiday in Europe. On this post, we have selected some beautiful destinations perfect for a cheap holiday in Europe. Check them out!

Destinations for a cheap holiday in Europe


cheap holiday in Europe

Croatia is that destination that allows you to enjoy a cheap holiday in Europe without many complications. Obviously, you must avoid July and August, focusing in the spring or autumn. During spring and autumn, you can find flights for no more than 50€ round trip. Even if you want to spend a week in Croatia, you can visit lovely locations for affordable prices. In these seven days, you will have time to visit the most important areas of the country and even enjoy some of its beaches if you make the trip in early summer or late when the temperatures still pleasant.


Bulgary, another destination to enjoy a cheap holiday in Europe. This country is an unknown destination, don’t know why as it’s a country that features top attractions and beautiful areas. As in Croatia the best way to get around is by car, with which you can reach impressive places like Belogradchik or Magura, the impressive Monastery of the Rila, the iconic image of the country or Plovdiv, one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Other points that cannot miss are Sofia, the Valley of the Thracian Tombs or charming villages like Tryavna or Veliko Tarnovo. As well as of course, a visit to Projodna, home to the popular caves.

Midi-Pyrenées. France

Although all of France is wonderful, this area is especially grateful, thanks to the beautiful cities like Toulouse or charming Medieval towns like Carcassone. Furthermore, this region features beautiful areas like Rocamadour, Cordes-sur-Ciel, Saint-Cirque-Lapopie, Conques or Belcastel, which are some of the most charming villages. Also, don’t miss the chance to taste the incredible gastronomy of the area as well as enjoy its delicious wines.

Tuscany. Italy

Another destination perfect for unforgettable holidays is Tuscany. Don’t miss the chance to unwind and discover beautiful areas of Italy as well as enjoy the delicious gastronomy. These reasons are enough to consider Tuscany one of the best destinations in Europe. Florence, Pisa and a large number of beautiful villages await you.


Romania remains unknown destinations for a large number of visitors, which makes this country a perfect place to spend a few days of holidays. The country has improved a lot in recent times in its infrastructure but still retaining its essence. Luckily, the country has low prices for accommodation, transport and attractions. Medieval villages, spectacular landscapes, monasteries, castles, Dracula and a very interesting culture, make Romania another destination perfect for a cheap holiday in Europe.

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