Castles in Catalonia: Five stunning castles that can be visited in Catalonia

Castles in Catalonia: Five stunning castles that can be visited in Catalonia

If you could be king on any castle, which castle would you choose? Explore the mysteries and secrets of Catalonia’s stone walls. All these castles are close to Barcelona and are perfect for learning about the rich history, battles, conspirations and why not? Ghosts that still haunt the castles of this lovely region. Barcelona enjoys a fabulous location perfect for all kind of activities, from discover the bustling seaside city to enjoy excursions to nearby areas and discover the enchanting history of this glorious land. Luxurious hotels, museums, vestiges of better days, on this post you can find 5 stunning castles in Catalonia.

Castles in Catalonia

The Castle of Cardona

Castles in Catalonia

This castle and its entire fortress are one of the largest in Catalonia. The castle boasts an idyllic location at the top of a hill, in the valley of Cardener. Cardona’s castle features a fabulous blend of Romanesque and Gothic style. Its construction began in 886. Nowadays, this castle is a luxurious hotel called Duques de Cardona and is considered one of the best castles to stay in Europe. The Dukes of Cardona were the most important family of the Crown of Aragon and this palace was its Royal House. Certainly, this beautiful building constitutes one of the most beautiful castles in Catalonia.

Castle of Tossa de Mar

Actually, this castle is not a castle anymore, as it was destroyed. Nevertheless, the medieval fortress still stands. The Castle of Tossa de Mar is the only one of the Catalan coast that still standing. It’s a national historic-artistic monument since 1931. The defence towers still stand, as well as the village. Its location, close to the sea, offers spectacular views of the beach towards the castle. Another beautiful castle is one on the seashore of Tarragona, Tamarit’s Castle. The 12th-century building still stands and serves for banquets and weddings.

Castle of Peralada

This castle, also known as Castle Toulon, is mentioned for the first time in the ninth century. However, after its destruction with the French invasion of 1285, a second castle was building in the middle of the 14th century. Currently, the castle has several buildings that date from different times. Castle of Peralada houses several museums, as well as a casino and a wine cellar that bears its name.

Furthermore, the castle features a library, a church and a stunning Romanesque cloister. It is possible to visit its different buildings. In addition, their gardens are open in summer to hosts in them the International Music Festival of the Castle of Peralada. This building is one of the most beautiful Castles in Catalonia.

Castle of the Ampurdán

This castle is also located at the top of a mountain, allowing spectacular views of the Ampurdán. The castle enjoys a fabulous location in the centre of the area and dates back to the 14th century. The building has undergone various renovations, the last one in 1999, as the Dutch businessman, Albert Diks, buy it to make it a luxurious hotel. Since 2001, the hotel has 38 rooms, a restaurant, swimming pool and one of the most important collections of soldiers in Europe.

Castle of Púbol or Gala Dalí

The Castell de l’Empordá was one of those Dalí visited to give to Gala as a sign of his love. However, the painter did not reach an agreement with the owner: he wanted to pay with works, not with cash. But he didn’t give up and kept looking. After discarding also the castle of Foixá, he became the owner of the castle of Púbol.

This Gothic-Renaissance building was built in the 11th century. When Dalí acquired it, the castle wasn’t in good conditions,  so he starts the restoration works. Nowadays, the castle is a museum with beautiful gardens, a large collection of sculptures, paintings and drawings of Dalí. Furthermore, the castle also has a large collection of personal artefacts and furniture, as well as the mausoleum of Gala, who died in the castle in 1982.

Here our list of Castles in Catalonia. Have you ever been to any of them? Comment.

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