Discover Caral Civilization, Peru’s Oldest Civilization

Discover Caral Civilization, Peru’s Oldest Civilization

If you are planning to travel to and exotic destination for your next trip and you’re interested in package holidays in South America, you will be surely interested in Peru and caral civilization.

At the same time the three well-known pyramids of Egypt, Keops, Kefrén and Micerino with an antiquity of 5000 years were built, a surprising civilization on the other side of the world, in Peru, began to build its history. We’re talking about the one which is considered the oldest civilization in America: the Caral civilization.

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The town of Caral reached approximately 3000 people who lived there; a modern city with cobbled streets, public buildings, homes and temples where ceremonial activities took place. The central square was the center of all the town that is composed of squares and buildings such as the plaza menor, mayor and the huaca.

The trade was a vital activity for this town that exchanged agricultural products with visitors from other valleys. In Caral no ceramic remains have been found more than some small pieces that, according to the investigations, are representations of the curacas of the time. These curacas were the chiefs or governors of civilization, they use to organize agricultural tasks, they were wise advisors, judges and those who conducted important rituals and ceremonies. They were also the administrators of the goods.

Caral Peru

This civilization survived approximately 1000 years and it was the first South American civilization from where the succeeding cultures were born. Civilizations such as Chavín, Mochica and Incas.

Unlike later cultures, Caral civilization was peaceful: no traces of weaponry have been found. As the BBC says in an article they wrote about Caral maybe this is the true legacy of Caral: this civilization was not born from battles and blood; the war began to be part of human history much later; peace can produce great things.

Caral is an amazing place with a lot of history, mysticism and greatness that you should not miss.

Other really interesting trip in Peru is the visit to the famouse Montaña de 7 colores.

Tips and recommendations

How to get there?

You have 2 options:

  • Drive until km159 of the Panamericana Norte until Vegueta district and then take the detour to the right for 23km.
  • Drive up to km 184 of the Panamericana Norte and take the route to the east, an asphalted detour of 22km that will take you to the Supe River until you reach the citadel.

Guide service in Caral

Hours of operation: Monday through Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm. Admission of the last group until 4 pm. All the info here:


There are many lodges in the area, where to find comfortable cabins where you can enjoy the countryside and the sun, places that invite to rest.


The cancho al palo is a very typical dish of the area, an exquisite and crispy way in which tasty pork meat is cooked, so be sure to taste this local dish.

Other recommendations

Bring with you sun cream, hat, insect repellent and water.

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