The most spectacular fountains in the world: Top 5 Best Water Shows

The most spectacular fountains in the world: Top 5 Best Water Shows

Did you know that centuries ago fountains were purely functional, connected to aqueducts, some others to springs, but all of them were used simply to provide water for either drink or washing? It was until Roman times when fountains became a decorative element in gardens of wealthy citizens. Today, Fountains are both practical for drinking water as well as recreational.

The human inventiveness always finds amazing ways to make fabulous attraction with unexpected elements, like water. Basting it sky high, illuminating with spectacular lights and dancing at the sound of music, Water Shows are simply incredible. Not a single person would not admire the beautiful water shows that some fountains offer, so, we invite you to relax and take a look at our fabulous list with the best Water Shows in the world. Check it out!

Best Water Shows in the world

World of Colour, California.

The Magic Kingdom is not only an amazing place for unforgettable holidays for you and your kids but also “The happiest place on earth” features one of the best water show in the world: The World of Colour. 1200 fountains that shoot water up to 200 feet in the sky, fire, lights and fog all these elements come together and perform an incredible fountain shows with top effects in synchronization with the sound of music and images of the famous characters of Disney, certainly a spectacle truly beautiful to behold.

Dubai Fountain, Dubai.

Daily, at 6:30 p.m the largest system of fountains in the world is ready for the spectacle. This fountain ejects powerful jets of water over 150 meters, accompanied by music and illuminated with thousands of lights and laser projections. The fountain was designed by the creators of another famous show: The Fountain of the Hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas.

The fountain measures more than 275 meters and is located in the artificial Lake Burj Khalifa, in front of the Dubai Mall. Enjoy the great water show on the Promenade Waterfront in the outer part of the shopping centre.

Banpo Bridge, Seoul.

The Moonlight Rainbow Fountain immediately broke the Guinness World Record for the longest bridge fountain in the world when it opened in 2009. The bridge fountain has more than 10,000 LED lights running across both sides of the 1495-meter bridge.

The huge jets are created by the use of 38 pumps that feed a total of 720 nozzles of water. The fountain is ecological as the water is pumped directly from the Han River and recycled over and over again. Certainly, Han River has seen many bridges since the city was founded more than 2,000 years ago; however, none of those bridges has been as impressive and beautiful as Banpo Bridge.

Magic Fountains of Montjuïc, Barcelona.

Barcelona, the city with a beautiful horizon, has numerous attractions, but undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful attractions in the city is the Magic Fountains of Montjuïc. The inauguration of the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc took place during the International Exhibition of Barcelona in 1929. Since then, every week there is a spectacular display of colour, light, music and of course, water.

The Magic Fountain has about 7,000 million of possible combinations of water and lights thanks to the possibility to combine hydraulic and lightning elements. A “choreography generator” creates proposals based on the analysis of the piece of music. The fountain offers several shows of 12 minutes, each with different music and choreography.

Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas

Although a priori to say that seeing the sources of a hotel is a strange sound, it’s necessary to stand before the lake of the Bellagio Hotel to experience the sensation that the event produces. Since its inauguration in 1998, its more than 1,200 jets have seduced millions of people becoming one of the most visited attractions in Sin City.

In fact, Bellagio Fountains is a striking and unique attraction in the world that consists of the choreography of water, light and music, with classical melodies, opera and Broadway hits. The variants are almost unlimited, all the shows are different. The show is hypnotic and not boring at all.

So, here our list of the best water shows in the world. Tell us what you think of all these spectacles. Have you ever watch any of them? Comment!

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