The best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

The best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

A few years ago it was very strange to hear about a vegetarian restaurant or find it in the city. Nowadays, being vegetarian is fashionable and many people are consuming more and more vegetables and moving away from meat. So in this post we will teach you the best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona so you can go and enjoy the best vegetarian food.

Cat Bar

Is a vegan bar with an English touch. The Cat Bar specializes in artisan beers, vegetarian burgers and also bakes their own bread. It is small and cozy inside, with a relaxed atmosphere, Wednesdays is the night quiz and on Tuesdays and Thursdays there is usually live music.

It version of the English breakfast is something you have to try, but make sure you go on an empty stomach!


It is a nice restaurant located in the center of Barcelona that serves an incredible variety of fresh food. In fact, the chef of the restaurant always cares about having the freshest products to cook.

Teresa Carles

It is known as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona. The chef of this restaurant is expert in cooking, diet and nutrition.

This appetizing menu offers quality food with salads in which you can choose the ingredients, homemade pasta and different vegetarian creations that you will undoubtedly enjoy.

Juicy Jones

This restaurant is an institution in Barcelona, 100% vegetarian. From the moment you step inside you burst into color and you cannot stop smiling. Its menus can be seen from the outside so you can start to make your mouth water with more than 40 types of juices of their own creation, sandwiches, salads and tapas like humus and tofu.

The chefs are always experimenting and everything here is homemade, the bread, the pasta even the Ketchup!

La Bascula

It is one of the favorite places among vegetarians in Barcelona. It is casual, its peculiar decoration gives a very cozy atmosphere, and the menus that vary each day include fixed dishes like, quiches, crepes, milkshakes and delicious cakes. Be sure to try the homemade juice of ginger and lemon.

And you, would you like to go to some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona? Choose the ones you like best, visit them and tell us about your experience.

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